Double C

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created the chicest and timeless image for what is still a contemporary label. Coco Chanel reigned from 1909-1971 and made the fabulously necessary little black dress, “LBD”, an absolute staple for every woman then and now. Her own style of divine skirt suits and costume jewellery mostly broaches and pearls is still reflected in Chanel’s haute-couture and ready-to-wear ranges. Her iconic look, it seems, will live forever through the beauty of this utterly lovable fashion house.
I’ve always had a rebellious streak within me be it defying my parents, teachers or peers it has reflected in my wardrobe. When surrounded by preppy Ralph Lauren wearing girls at my boarding school I donned my skinny jeans before they became main stream and ripped my t-shirts up in a bid not to look the same as everyone else.
So why was Chanel my favourite designer since the ripe age of thirteen when it’s so classically beautiful? I believe it is down to the impeccable execution, mystical aura of luxury, elegant lines and (then) a sense of the unobtainable. Now my look is far less rebellious and the importance behind my looks is to be on trend, sophisticated and classy. Perhaps the influence of my loyalty to Chanel! I believe, as I am an example of, that Chanel brings out the femininity and whimsical sense of desire within every woman. Wearing Chanel makes me feel dignified and I live up to the character the label creates for me. After my GCSE’s I received my first item of Chanel; a pair of classic CC earrings from my mother. I think it was really a peace offering and a way to leer me to accentuate the lady-like part of my personality in the midst of my rebellion! There in lies the beauty of those fabulous double Cs! When my godmother wanted me to quit smoking she told me to imagine how easily I could afford Chanel platforms if I stopped spending money on Marlboro lights, and when I had stopped for 6 months treated me with Chanel temporary tattoos. My first pay-cheque went on Chanel sunglasses. Need I go on… conclusively it seems obvious that the charm of Chanel is the feminine regal power behind it.
Karl Lagerfield is originally German but now is the designer and creative director of the French fashion house. He has brought the house and kept it within the contemporary market adding controversy to an arguably conservative image. Amidst a society that is turning greener and greener Lagerfield argued the case for real fur in fashion. However with faux fur being chicer than it has been regarded previously and the most real-looking it has ever been even Lagerfield has kept with the times and incorporated it within recent collections. Not only does he rule an exquisite fashion empire but he is an icon in his own right. And if King Karl chooses you to star in his campaigns or shows, well you’re immediately admirable, elegant and simply exquisite. From Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman, Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss, Georgie Jagger, Claudia Schiffer, Freja Beha Erichsen, to Lily Allen these girls have had their careers enhanced and some even launched by the honour of representing Chanel.
Chanel television advertisements create this utterly divine alternative universe where wet streets are magical and to be a Chanel lady is something of an honour. From Marilyn Monroe making the legendary Chanel No.5 perfume legendary to Keira Knightley galavanting around the Parisian streets in winter to the young Georgia Jagger gracing the pages of Vogue for the Saint-Tropez cruise collection at the moment, a Chanel lady is admirable, glamorous and sexy yet dignified. Today the fashion house remains classic and never turns it’s back on that, however is a
trend creator every season. The excellent balance of old-school elegance and
fashion forward is what keeps Chanel in the heart of every fashionista. This
winter all of the high street stores show large sections of their floor to be
influenced by the wonderful vision of Chanel.
I for one will forever adore Charming Chanel and I do hope Santa knows what a good girl I’ve been this year.
“Where should you spray Chanel No.5?” “Wherever one wants to be kissed” – Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

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