Harvey Nichols is my Mecca of divinity and festivity in terms of luxury and innovative window displays. It is therefore to my dismay to have found their Christmas season 2011 advertisement so crude and controversial. The fundamental message of the 55 second clip is that to avoid looking like a scallywag having stayed out all night one should wear Harvey Nichols’ attire and thus remain looking fresh and chic when walking home the next morning. Is it clever marketing, perhaps? It may be. However I find the advert to be more of a misleading and ridiculous suggestion.
In a world of fast fashion and ever evolving and revolving trends it is more apparent now than ever that a style revolution has occurred. Being a slave to what is dictated to us in regards to what is “fashionable” is no longer admirable or chic. I’d rather be fashion able. Edna Woolman Chase famously said “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” It is this sentiment that I would like to retaliate to the Walk Of Shame / Stride of Pride video that Harvey Nichols has aired.
By this I mean that the finest threads does not classy style equal. The body-con Herve Leger dress of 2010 styled incorrectly could be as trashy as a ‘Pretty Woman’ pre-Richard Gere. Harvey Nichols’ price tags do not mean that you will achieve a chic look even having drunkenly stopped out. Instead obeying the ‘boobs or legs’ rule, wearing a coat over your party outfit, keeping on the festive side of bling not OTT and remaining honest to your personal style is what will keep you strutting the Stride of Pride.

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