I came across this monochromatic editorial today and just found it so intriguing I had to share it. The model in question is Marloes Horst and is shot here for the winter edition of Intermission Magazine by Patric Sehlstedt. The styling by Brian Molloy evokes an androgynous rebellion with extreme silhouettes and an array of textures and layering. The done up top buttons, blazers and ponytails points to some sort of institutionalisation, perhaps school, but the cigarettes, rock’n’roll badges and unkempt hair says rule breaker. This is not your usual blonde bombshell photo shoot.
Looking at the rubble behind Horst as well as when she is lying down on the grass and tarmac these back drops provoke an exquisite antagonist to the sharp lines and dramatic effects of her attire. I particularly enjoy how the leather jacket she drags behind her could even be a bin bag if you see the picture at a glance. The non-conformist fashionista. There are a lot of elements that scream androgyny which we see a lot of today, however her femininity is exuded in the skirts, flashes of her figure, her solemn pout and extreme eye makeup. Being the season that it is, layering may seem obvious but in this way it is not so. Socks and brogues, shirts and dresses, it is unreasonably appropriate. The most alluring aspect in these black and white snaps is the purposeful differentiating textures gleaming through. Spot leather skirts, crisp shirts, baseball jackets and plastic dresses.
The eighth photograph has to be my favourite. The slouch, the socks, the skirt are all so imperfectly wondrous. And Sehlstedt’s choice to insert only a few colour shots randomly in the black and white sequence is as antagonistic as the character he has created in this story.
I bid you all to go against the flow a little more in 2012.

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