On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

I’m sure you’ve all been very well behaved this year, I know I have, so it is time that the treats we constantly have are actually justified! It is time to write to Santa! So I have constructed a hypothetical wish list that I hope help you decide what it is you would love to find under the tree on the 25th or gift ideas to treat your loved ones. Although I have to admit that the gift I would most like to receive would be a time machine so I can press pause. Can you believe its December already?

A divine Party Dress

This maxi long-sleeved number is goddess attire. Definitely not for the shy and retiring as all eyes will be on you. The colour is a rustier colour than some more yellow-ie golds which is far more chic. It doesn’t bare any flesh so is actually suitable for this time of year in terms of warmth however its figure skimming shape is the sophisticated answer to sexy. (Watch out not to accessorize with an afro to avoid Austin Powers connotations.)

Killer heels

These black ankle stilettos are so versatile I can imagine they’d carry you teetering through 2012 with ease. Wear with number 1 or with a mini dress for more of a club look but to dinner with cigarette pants to keep it sleek and chic. I wouldn’t advise wearing with the current pencil skirt because it will cut your legs off at the wrong point. The platform is huge but teamed with the intricate seams and matt finish to the fabric there’s a slightly futuristic feel to them. The gold finish of the stiletto heel fits perfectly with the metallic trend for this winter as well as finishing the shoe off with an elegant stamp.

Narcissistic nails
I actually got given this for my birthday in October, but it’s so intriguing and different I have to recommend it. Continuing with the theme of metallic which is a recurring trend for this time of year due to the festive connotations of sparkly and shiny, this silver-grey nail varnish is one of a kind because of the genius magnetic technology behind it. The directions on the lid are a tad unclear so I shall write them in English rather than in jargon. Paint your nails as you would normally with one coat of the varnish. Let it dry reasonably thoroughly and then re-paint with a generous coat. As you add this layer individually hold the magnet on the top of the lid over your
nail for 20 seconds and watch your nails ripple! It’s so easy to experiment with different finishes on your nails rather than just a plain colour. Although there’s nothing wrong with simplicity. Keep nails short and chic.

Cool kicks

I love converses but clean converses. Anyway I was looking at the website potentially for some leather ones but got distracted by the option to customise your own. These are the ones I made and I have to say for only £20 more than normal ones I think it’s a fantastic inventive gift as well as really fun to create your own colour scheme and styling. Try not to go crazy with too many colours; stick to one colour theme. I can imagine I would wear my personalised converses all the time with jeans and lovely big knits over the winter.

Black milk

For a chic rock’n’roll look combine simple textural tops, perhaps a blouse or loose sweater with one of black milks amazing creative and alternative prints on their leggings. They are most commonly known for their galaxy print in various colours. However I have chosen the shattered glass finish for a super 90s rock star feel. I can imagine them on a stage shimmying about.

Smoke and Mirrors

This Chanel eye shadow pallet is so perfect for sultry smokey looks with the paler colours appropriate for stark winter days and the darker shades to carry you into the evening with ease. Make up, especially the non-necessities, can often be hard to justify so it is always such a treat to discover beneath wrapping paper and ribbons.
Pony skin Pouch
Keep your keys and cards all together in style with this delicious golden pony skin clutch. It has plenty of room for your camera and could be used in your day to day bag or by itself in the evening. Pony skin is being used so much currently and isn’t this hue just so rich and Christmassy?

The Morning After

If you didn’t see it in the cinema, or even if you did, you need to own this DVD. This is the female version of The Hangover. The acting is wonderful and the plot just perfect. I can’t think of a better way to cure your actual hangover than laugh yourself into 2012!

Christmas Coat

This is potentially my biggest Christmas crush! It is quite a splurge but it will last for years and years for sure. It is absolutely divine. The classic style and stigma of Belfast coat is not going to tire. The fur trim hood and cinched waist is contemporary and on trend. Santa… PLEASE.

Wrist Risk

Watch out for these hungry dragons! This is an every day bracelet with an exciting twist to the usual leather band. The gothic appeal is irresistible and the twisted leather looks durable to cope with the rustle and bustle of constantly stripping off layers when you get out of Jack Frost’s
realm and into the blaze of central heating.

Americano extra shot

I love treating myself to a steaming hot coffee from the professionals but I never have time to stay in there to relax and enjoy it. So to avoid the guilt of wasting so many paper cups this Christmas I am hoping to get a stylish answer to this environmental problem. From Starbucks to independent coffee houses, they all have their own reusable portable cups but I found this one in
Urban Outfitters that avoids the awkward moment of going into Nero with your Starbucks cup and also is a bit more fun and girly! There are a few different colour combinations but I particularly like the red and blue especially as it doesn’t have a white lid (I always get make up on it which is a little embarrassing!). So go forth and drink your coffee with a clear conscience by using this delectable take away cup.

Where for art thou Vogue?

Now this is an idea I got from my darling Mother who bought
me a subscription to Vogue for my 21st birthday! In all honesty I
was surprised no one had thought of it as a perfectly suited and desired gift
for me before but wow, what a treat it is. Not only does it save me almost £5 a
month (or give me another glass of Sauvignon Blanc) but I get my edition
earlier than everyone else, and delivered straight to my door so I will never
miss a month even when course work is mounting. Vogue is our fashion Bible and I make a conscious effort to allot some exclusive Vogue time, it often has to
be split into a few sittings as it is hard to get more than an hour to
yourself! However sitting back with a cup of tea, blanket and Vogue is such a
treat in these cold winter months. I’ve certainly enjoyed it.

There are a range of gift and wish list ideas here and I hope
that you find something you like in my selection. Now where are the mince pies...

1. River Island gold sequin maxi dress £80
2. Kurt Geiger frida shoe £295
3. Nails Inc trafalgar square magnetic polish £13
4. Converses £60
5. Black Milk shattered glass leggings £52.02
6. Chanel les 4 ombres £37
7. Topshop pony skin clutch £28
8. Bridesmaids DVD www.play.com £11.99
9. Belstaff padstow parka www.matches.com £558
10. Thomas Sabo rebel at heart £298
11. Urban Outfitters red rose eco cup £14
12. Vogue subscription 12 issues/ £29.90

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