Promiscuous Proposition

Often when dressing for the evening or even at times when constructing a day time look there comes a moment of reflection. Is this too provocative? Fashion by its very essence is provocative. By which I mean provoking, boundary pushing, stimulating and exciting, as all art forms are, to
a degree. But is there or should there be a line at which the degree of provocation stops? Or is what we wear entirely an expression of self not just a practicality and thus should we be each allowed to individually decide the answer on a personal level rather than on behalf of what we expect or fear others might think?
Last year a trend emerged of wearing underwear as outerwear. I indulged in this look by wearing a nude slip like dress with a lace trim. And even a black lace body with nothing over it but a skirt. All in all I received positive reactions however I thought I’d share two different responses to these lingerie inspired outfit choice. Firstly my grandmother enquired as to why I was wearing a slip (a grown up’s vest / lump and bump smoother) as a skirt. No Nan. Secondly my male best friend wouldn’t look at me at my birthday celebrations when in said black lace body for fear of seeing my nipples. Also slightly less than desired. These reactions were at least kind of amusing and just because they didn’t quite get it and how often do our elder generations and men in general get all of our fashion choices?
However I’m more concerned about the people, especially strangers, mistaking your edgy ensemble for a promiscuous proposal. Take E!’s show Fashion Police’s section called Starlet or Streetwalker?. Albeit a bit of tongue in cheek fun, this is a modern day worry. What with hem lines rising and neck lines dropping (see the current trend of navel grazing v-neck dresses donned from Hollywood and beyond) it is understandable that this should be a concern. On the other hand I strongly believe that no one has the authority to make sexual assumptions because of the way that people dress and that it is entirely unacceptable. All in all as there is with everything in life there is a good middle ground; a balance. So in conclusion are you and your outfit excused from any realm of sexiness if your look is fashion forward enough? – If you feel comfortable! *
*N.B. Boobs OR Legs rule should be adhered to.

Above are images representing how I believe sophistication and sexiness can simultaneously be achieved.

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