Fresh to Death

Guess what? It’s 2012 in case you hadn’t been told. And more important than new years eve is the actual new year. I know some people are averse to a resolution but I myself love a good few health swears and tidying promises. This year I am aiming for a more realistic attitude. However the feeling of a fresh start has not failed to overwhelm me.

1. To be organised.

My iPad has helped me be more on the ball since unwrapping one in October for my birthday. I do not need to sing it’s praises as there are hundreds of technological gurus that have done that for me. However mine is called Isabella and she’s my best friend. She gives me style tips, reads me books, helps me in lectures, and keeps me up to date with what’s going on the world. What more could you ask for?

My dad could not understand why when I have an iPad and a blackberry I could possibly fathom having an actual diary. There’s nothing like putting pen to paper so indulge with this beautiful and sophisticated desk diary from Smythson. The red colour is sharp and classic and I would dare to say somewhat inspiring. This diary is telling you to ‘do it’!

2. If you can’t be good, be fabulous!

Have a Super Orgasm on Nars, no really. This blusher has a sparkle all the way through it that’s is sure to uplift you throughout the drearier days of January and February and keep you sparkling in the summer. The pink colour is sweet and subtle but a little more special.

Travel your new technology in style or embrace this divine designer iPad case as a slightly more affordable clutch bag. Keeping in tune with the on trend python print this Marc Jacobs case is eye catching and glamorous. Just how we like it.

3. Carpe diem

Finally, if there is anything I want to achieve, try or experiment with, this is the year to make it happen. No more are the days of taking a piece off from an ensemble for fear of it being to daring. Gone are the times where I think “Oh I must give that a go” but never get around to it.

This resolution comes in the form of cooking as well as styling. I figure if I stop eating out so much and cook more I will have both a happier boyfriend and more money to spend on shoes! Thus I have an ambition to purchase some Jeffery Campbell heels by… let’s say… March. That’s three paydays and hundreds of hours in the kitchen.

Now I just have to chose which colour...

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