Heavenly Hair

I have not been blessed with the thickest head of hair. It is one of my short comings. I often have hair envy. But ask my boarding school pals and they will vouch that I like to try different styles despite not having a lot to play with. I’ve been blonde, dark, honey, highlighted, red, brunette, ginger, with a fringe, side fringe, middle parting, long, bob, extensions… Oh Yes! I’ve tried it all! I recently nearly tried au naturel but I found a grey hair [I am 21], nearly had a hair heart attack and ran to the nearest boots. Hello new rouge hue.

Having hung up my extensions for the last time in 2011 for me the biggest hair trend is healthy, well groomed hair. I got the chop today which has made my hair look thicker and more luscious. Wish your split ends fair well and keep on top of your hair maintenance. I also bought some hair supplements to try and prevent malting and am going to start wearing a repair mask every now and then. Big hair, that’s all mine – here I come!

Where has this sudden thirst for heavenly healthy hair come from? Hair is an important accessory that you can’t take off and leave in your jewellery box when it’s not quite working. It finishes off your outfit. My style has become more refined recently with more clean lines and a slightly 50s feel with cigarette trousers, high waisted jeans, pencil skirts intermixed with a bit of 90s doc martens, leggings and leather. However whichever decade I am donning hair needs to be regarded. If it is a scruffy look, a glamorous hairstyle may not seem the most conventional choice but it takes it from dishevelled to purposeful and powerful. And if it is a smarter style then a big blow dry is a necessity, no?

I don’t know about you but I literally cannot use one of those big circle brushes and blow dry my hair at the same time. But fear not! You don’t have to be a trained hairdresser or pay for one to wave their magic wand over your locks because Babyliss have the answer to big hair at home. They have created a giant circle hair brush which rotates to wrap your hair around it at the push of a button and it dries your hair at the same time! Fabulous!

Now each season what is on at the cinema filters down into what we wear. What with My Week with Marilyn we have had Monroe Mania. I have always adored her but I am a little bored of being bombarded with images of her although there’s something to say for her feminine charm which is well executed and exuded because of … her hair. Even when she was captured wearing a cashmere jumper and high waisted trousers her sensational do kept her in tune with her iconic aura.

So go forth and go for a big bouffant no matter what colour or texture or style you chose, for hair, bigger is better this season.

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