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Often with the rush and stresses of life in 2012 it could be said that we often leave our looks incomplete. Be it we forget jewellery, just grab the handbag we used the day before, or neglect matching our beauty to our chosen ensemble we are often unfinished. Our makeup can transform a look, even transform us. It’s a wonderful thing to know what suits you and have a regime but there are certain elements of makeup that are negotiable and readily changed. I would suggest that these include how we paint our eyes and lip colours not to forget our hair style. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some beauty trends.

With lip art all the rage a certain realm of bravery has come over us and it is time to be adventurous. I am a huge fan of matt lipstick. I happily interchange deep reds, hot pinks, dark purples daily, however not everyone is ready to dive into unfamiliar territory. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, or somewhere in between the power of a striking red lip is unprecedented. Lips are beautiful when plump and kissable and a healthy red colour is attention grabbing. Hot pink if worn right avoids any essex connotations and can have a punkie feel to it. I often chose to clash my hot pink lips with a different coloured outfit. For the warmer months golds and corals are to die for. They evoke an exotic feel that is unexpected. Whether it is using a tinted lip balm to get you into the colourful lip territory I urge you to get started if you haven’t already.

Eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelashes, oh where to begin. Well a good rule to live your life by is not to match your eye shadow to your outfit. It will always be too much. Also avoid air hostess / Pat Butcher pale blue. Pastels are so on trend for our Spring/ Summer palette but on your eye lids they will make your eyes look smaller. The goal is to make them look big and beautiful so keep eyeliner on the outside rim. I love a good set of eye lashes; they are great for the evening and give a beautiful shape and femininity to the eye. For special occasions like new year’s eve, your birthday party or fancy dress feel free to go for abstract lashes. Beware of going to over the top and wearing heavy sets because they will make your eyes droop and then you won’t look so much fun, more exhausted. Golds, browns and blacks are great eye shadow colours if worn carefully. For the day time keep it fresh and natural. When the sun goes down it’s a great chance to be a bit more artistic and perhaps opt for a smokey look. Start with a shimmery more neutral hue on the inside and blend into darker colours either a light brown or grey and finally finish with a dark brown or black depending on your colouring. Having the darkest colour all over your eyelid is more than likely going to look too much and be harsh. Another great trend for the eyes that’s having a little moment again is getting glittery!

Shown above is an editorial from Elle Denmark this month. Its colour scheme is somewhat abstract, yes, but look at the different inspiring use of makeup and let us all take a little time to think about what beauty trends we’re going to experiment this year.

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