What The Water Gave Me

The gymnastic theme throughout the campaign coincides with the ideology of Chanel as a whole. It is precise. It is measured and intended. And it is magical and awe-striking. Saskia de Brauw & Joan Smalls star in Karl's spring/ summer 2012 fairy tale. The epic backdrops of the vast expanse of ocean and cloud are appropriately intense and grand for the intricacy and extreme architecture of these Chanel dresses.
The length of skirts, the sleek side parted hair, and the abundance of delicate lace are all distinctive nods to the 40s era; an era where women were ladies and they dressed to impress. Now I do not for a second want to un-do any of the sexual equality that's happened since that era but I think we could take a snippet of their mind set into 2012 by having more pride and more intention in how we dress. This is traditionally an enormous part of what Chanel stands for.
The architectural shoulders and the metallic chain handbags add the contemporary edge that keeps the ensembles inspired rather than reflective. The socks in sandals and heels are an unusual antithesis to common styling rules. But since when did Karl obey rules? I think this will translate enjoyably into the socks with brogues look that is already so current. The styling of the girls' hair really excites me. It’s somewhat androgynous yet it is the sleekest version of femininity and sexiness. I need to find some hair gel! The white 2 piece suits are reminiscent of Lacoste back in the day. And the cut of the jacket and length of the skirt is somewhat more alike to the fifties of which has been reinvented by many designers this season.
This campaign is a combination of art and fashion, albeit fashion is an art. Karl's portrayal of his new collection is only to be described as one thing: Epic.
If you’ve had a chance to see the actual show you will understand the relevance of water in this story. Not only is their luminescent turquoise accents to numerous dresses but there is an entire underwater majestic theme. Some of the dresses could belong to couture mermaids! Karl claimed to have used iridescent materials that he didn’t even know how to define. The pearls that are so quintessentially Chanel were more significant than ever in complimenting the theme. Mother-of-Pearl colourings as well as belts of pearls and pearls sporadically adorning the models’ hair had a distinct attachment to the beneath the sea origin. Florence Welch sang “What The Water Gave Me” as the models stomped through the huge white sea shapes that created the set. Lagerfield noted that he needed to take a different direction and create an unexpected twist within the tradition of the fashion house because so many designers are doing the “Chanel” look these days. And quite rightly so, Karl.

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