Spying on Kate Moss

My style is ever evolving as my birthdays roll and Vogue’s land on my door mat. However no matter what look du jour I’m coveting there is one underlying thread. Biker boots, leather jacket, Dr Martens… Well this morning I was wittily asked where my Harley is. Another slightly more insightful question that a friend asked was ‘Where would I shop with an unlimited budget?’ I wouldn’t be a total designer diva, but I would run straight to Balenciaga, Balmain and Chanel.
So it was perfectly suited that a magnificent friend of mine sent me this “Stake Out” from a Balmain shoot. Fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh were shooting Kate Moss and this three minute and seventeen second video was recorded just filming Kate’s movement. Watch how she thrives about knowing how each arch or flick will work on film. The editing is wonderful. The street trend of coloured hair is used playfully. The cartoon sketches over the top gives the most stupendous humour to an otherwise fashion haven of videography.
The outfit is Balmain to a tee. A rock’n’roll architectural silver blazer, white top and leather trousers should be enough to excite you. Add Kate Moss on a sofa and Antony and the Johnsons playing in the background… How can you resist? Go on… Click Play.

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