Busy Ol' Time of Year

My how time flies... But, I am back!

It’s fair to say that I have neglected my writing on the blog front. However that does not mean that my keyboard has been neglected too. I have had a whole expanse of coursework which have all been completed finally! Among these less riveting activities have been some far more exciting events that been preoccupying my time. My sister had her second baby making Orla Grace big sister to very new Isaac Joshua. My mum came to visit. I booked a trip to Paris for next month. I went to see Florence and the Machine perform in Cardiff. I’ve been to-ing and froing back and forth from London to Bristol and making time for a walk in beautiful Bushy Park.

While I was busy with all that, there has been fashion week galore and to my surprise spring has arrived! This means there’s an entire new season of fashion to play with and next season’s style to discuss. All of which will be done in the coming posts.

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