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Instagram shots from the apartment
Tea at the Mosque
Birthday Girl opening her Alexander McQueen skull ring from us
La table du huit
The Eiffel Tower

Je suis en Paris
A dear friend of mine has been interning at Paris Match since September 2011 and as it was her birthday this month ten friends and I set off to celebrate with her. I have looked forward to exploring what I have imagined to be a magical city for years and years and what better reason to visit than pour un bon anniversaire.
I arrived at her apartment at 10pm local time, ate take away sushi and set off the 35 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. What a glorious way to start our trip!
With just 3 nights there, there was a lot to do. Thus we did the full set of tourist attractions on the first day. I am pictured below at the Louvre. Wanting to be comfortable for a long day of walking (5 hours without sitting down!) I wore flat / supportive shoes in the form of metallic brogues. Despite it being a bit chilly and my natural instinct to wear a lot of black, I broke into more summery territory by trying this seasons print trousers with these Zara cigarette pants that have a Japanese inspired floral pattern. On top I combined a long sheer white shirt from H&M with a bright cropped round neck jumper also from H&M. Being in Paris, home of French chic, I couldn’t resist bringing out the big guns – my Chanel! So I chose my silver Chanel bag which actually goes perfectly with my Office brogues. Finally for my sensitive little eyes kept them covered with my Chanel sunglasses (aren’t the bows irresistible?).
After a moderate coffee binge we groomed ourselves for an evening out in Paris. As this evening was a big deal it felt only appropriate to go a bit over the top and add some serious sparkle. So taking a nod from the 60s shape and Chanel’s iridescent fabrics on the S/S catwalks I wore a high-street interpretation with Topshop’s silver sequin mini dress. The sequins are so small and so silver that they pick up the light reflecting seriously bright colours such as hot pink. This gave me the idea to wear my extreme hot pink platform tasselled boots. To keep it from being too girly (which this look was running the risk of) I added an on trend oversized cross, opaque black tights and leather biker jacket.
That evening we dined at la table du huit which is a restaurant within the hotel la maison du champs. Munching on salmon sashimi, seabream risotto, glorious cupcakes and my personal favourite… coffee macaroons it was the most divine of birthday dinners. Washing it down with a bit more wine and champagne we eventually made it out to a Parisian nightclub where Sean Paul partied that night too (uhum pot belly and a mo-hawk not the best look.)
Croissants and Brioche softened the blow of too much bubbly the next day and we did some final sightseeing visiting a Mosque, climbing Montmartre and sitting up by the Sacre Coeur looking over the whole city at night.
The city has an atmosphere that is indescribable. The Eurostar is so easy to catch from London I urge you all to explore this captivating capital.

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