Mer Lady

As photographic sequences go this is a divine one. The colours, shapes, texture and moodiness make for a wonderful story. First and foremost this is one seriously aesthetically pleasing editorial. Looking closer, however, you will find that there are 3 key trends exposed.

1. Texture – Sequins, pleats, cords, beads and swimsuit materials all star in this editorial. (Spot Peter Pilotto’s divine dress with a fuller skirt.) Never before has there been such a plethora of texture to ignite excitement into your on trend outfits. Mix them together carefully or chose one and really go full guns blazing as seen in the second picture.  

2. Iridescence – I previously wrote about Chanel’s under the sea themed collection where there was a spectrum of luminescent dresses, skirts and jackets. This new innovative use of material does have a deep sea feel appropriate for the coming summer months. The high street has already picked up on this trend and you can find Chanel inspired treats (visit Topshop). If the majestically shiny materials are too much for you then use them as inspiration for a metallic and pale colour pallet. Team with white for a fresh season appropriate look.

3. Print – Ah, print. I’m sure everyone is aware that print is proving to be summers most prominent trend. Print trousers, clashing prints, print dresses whichever way you want to attempt it it has got to be done. The most approachable way of tackling this bold and colourful is with a midi skirt teamed with a plain block coloured top or a simple dress. However for the more daring try two prints that have one small but significant similarity (the same colour featured, both tribal etc) and wear at a juxtaposition on top and bottom. There are some fabulous Peter Pilotto inspired takes on the high street too, see Oasis and Warehouse for their takes on the trend.

 ‘Beyond the Sea’ this beautiful editorial combines Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Peter Pilotto to evoke mystery, moodiness and mermaid majesty. Play with metallic make up and under water pallet to get an inspired look this summer and be a sea-siren.

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