Blinded by their Beauty

There hasn’t been a lot of great weather to warrant sunglasses recently but it’s nearly June and that gives us the right to update our summer wardrobes regardless. I am incredibly fortunate to be going to Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Penang with my boyfriend next weekend so I have been indulging in some serious summer shopping. Having bought countless dresses and bikinis (I plan to share my favourite pieces with you before I go) I’ve come to the point of considering some new sunglasses.
I already have some limited edition Chanel shades that I love however there are so many new fashion frames that I feel I’ve got to at least look! I have chosen some of my favourite shades focusing on five main looks.

Give you wings
Topshop £18

Elizabeth and James £150
Miu Miu £225
 The updated take on the retro winged frames are unavoidable. They are easier to ‘do’ than you might think. Choose from a spectrum of eccentricity to suit your personality. (Avoid Dame Edna looks!) The shape is actually very flattering for most face shapes and the high-street has a great selection if you don’t want to commit to this trend so much. MegJanRan (My mum) has the pink Topshop ones above and looks divine in them!

Lennon Lenses
Linda Farrow Luxe £300
YSL £225

These perfectly circular sunnies have been seen on the likes of the Olsen twins for years. Before then the real King of Cool John Lennon was always captured in the circles. Well know you can don your very own lux version. Linda Farrow and YSL gave created a more modern take on the shape. These are perfect for beautiful city trips to keep your eyes protected.

Diva Fever
Linda Farrow Luxe £320
Lanvin £300
Large face covering frames have been about for many years now. This summer they come in a different shape than the “bug eyes” we saw before. These over the top specials are more angular, with thicker frames and darker. Suitable for all wannabe superstars.

All for Aviators
Victoria Beckham £495
Ray-Ban £118
The return of the Ray-Ban aviators got somewhat overtaken with the wayfarers. But there is something to be said for the simplicity and classic charm of the aviators. By not being too trend specific you can team them with a hippy kaftan or a sweet summer dress. If you like serious luxury in an understated manner, see Victoria Beckham’s 18-karat rose gold-coated mirrored aviator sunglasses. The classic Ray-Ban’s have been updated in a cool monochromatic black finish.

Wayfarer What?
Thierry Lasry £225

Carven £235
As I mentioned above, there is no denying that the Ray-Ban wayfarers have ruled what with there being an array of designs, and the provision of a certain cool factor that comes with them. However if you’ve experienced Wayfarer wear-out then allow me to introduce the new even cooler version. These flat top frames can still be personalised with a huge selection of colourful and patterned finishes but they also hold serious retro kudos.

So whatever style you chose put your own stamp on your sunglasses this summer with a lace print from Chanel or animal print from Miu Miu. 

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