Diesel Covent Garden store hosts live music night

Diesel store in Covent Garden
Diesel doesn’t just sell denim wear. Diesel sells a lifestyle. It has a cool urban edge that resonates with its target audience of young adults without every betraying it’s classic look. From beach-wear, bicycles and headphones, Diesel has all bases covered. What with collaborating to make fragrances and supporting young musicians it seems the brand really can do no wrong as far as being relevant goes.

The crowd enjoying FRIENDS
To top it off they’ve only gone and opened a brand spanking new store in Covent Garden this summer. As a follow up to their launch party, last night they hosted some more magnificent live music. F R I E N D S were the band and Hanna Hanra the DJ. As they performed, we sipped on prosecco and munched on Diesel cupcakes while soaking in the awesome attitude that the store emulated. Want some of that attitude in your life? Check out their Attitude range of jeans now!

 Like what I wore? T-shirt: My Yard, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

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