HanJanRan is back!

I started HanJanRan last year to channel my adoration and interest in all things fashion. I found that not only did I seriously enjoy the writing of each post but directing my passion past just reading magazines and wishful window shopping was extremely fulfilling. To begin with I was unsure of what sort of response I would receive and was somewhat nervous. However I was pleasantly surprised with compliments and, even better, people getting involved in what I was writing about through discussions and wardrobe additions. It is this encouraging support that has propelled me to want to further my blog. Having been bombarded by a summer of Olympic spirit, if there is anything we can take from it all, it is the inspiring side note that you can do anything if you work hard enough for it. On that note, with a new look and a new attitude, HanJanRan is back! I am going to prioritise writing and strive to provide more exciting, more exclusive and much more regular posts. If you liked HanJanRan before prove it by liking HanJanRan on facebook and in return I promise you’ll love the new and improved blog. You’ll find on the new layout the opportunity to input your email address and every new HanJanRan post will find its way straight into your inbox.

Agree? Disagree? Take another angle on whatever it is I am discussing? Feel free to get involved… leave comments and give your opinion.

I hope you all like the new look and more importantly the new content. Welcome to the new and improved hanjanran.com.

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