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It might seem a bit premature, especially with the recent shock sunshine, but it is time to start planning our winter wardrobes. You may not be ready to start planning for the colder months but the designers, magazines and even the stores are already there. Fear not though, it’s not as bad as it might sound because there are some truly wonderful trends that are already emerging. The first of the sartorial selection that I have chosen to look at in more detail is Trousers Trend.

There are different style and takes on this look to suit your personality and your existing wardrobe. I generally prefer simple, well cut tops so love to let the trousers do the talking. This is the perfect queue for opulent and decorative trouser. They want nothing but unfussy tops to balance them out… well, more to let them shine in their full glory. Balmain wins the award for doing this the best this season. With a signature rock’n’roll edge Balmain’s take on the trouser trend has combined another of this seasons trends, the lavish look, by using decorative beading, seductive satins and velvet. Mesmerize the night with this strong and magical trouser, for the power-girl with a dark side.

Isabel Marant
Stella McCartney
If pearls, beads, stitching and beguiling Balmain looks aren’t your thing, what about a great cut? Cropped and slim fit is the coolest cut. But even here there is room for interpretation. Keep them low rise like Isabel Marant for a youthful feel. High waisted versions emulate Bridgette Bardot’s Parisian perfection. Either way this is for the flirty and feminine woman looking to dabble with androgyny.

In the work place the career woman might be enticed by a willowy wider fit touser will combine drama and sophistication. Look no further than Proenza Schouler and Stella McCartney. Stella uses divine block colours that scream confidence and magnetising allure. On the catwalk she paired them with matching button up tops or oversized coats for stunning silhouettes.

I for one have loved the recent injection of print. None of us have been able to avoid or indeed resist the floral prints dominating the high street. A bold take on this has been to clash trousers and blouses with similar themed but different prints. This has evolved for a matchy-matchy pair this winter. Prada rules this look. Think thick dominating fabrics, exquisite cuts and deco style prints. Prada’s take is truly the most magnificent exhibition of the Trouser Trend on the catwalk. This look is not for the faint hearted but will satisfy your edgier side. 

In September's UK Vogue there is an editorial entitled 'Boy Talk'. The looks shown are strong, clean cut and dramatic. You won't be able to avoid these prevailing pieces. Ditch the jeans and add some sophisticated sharp tailoring. From androgyny to super-silhouettes embrace the Trouser Trend.

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