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As a university student, despite having finished school a few years ago, I still get that September feeling. Having discussed with my girlfriends I know we all still get excited about new stationary and that sense of a fresh start as the new term edges closer. So whether you’re at school, college, university or in full time work, I bet as the leaves begin to fall that energizing emotion is taking over with the opportunity to refresh and revamp your wardrobe for winter.

I have chosen 5 ways to economically enliven your look. I’ll leave what pen style you choose down to you, but here are some pointers to achieve a spectacularly fresh version of yourself.

If your student loan has arrived I bet it’s burning a hole in your pocket despite our timetables not having even been published yet. Think carefully before hitting the stores because once it’s gone, it’s gone. My biggest piece of advice is to decide what your favourite looks are this season and work out what you need to add to your existing wardrobe to make it work for you. Once you’ve done this piece of fashion forward algebra read my list and decide which pieces suit you best!

1. Walking to fetch coffee, sprinting away from the library or chasing a bus, we students are on our feet a lot. It’s important to value our most important transportation device and decorate them accordingly.
Boots are boss. Are you a little bit country? Or a little bit rock’n’roll? There’s a long boot or an ankle boot for you.
1. Aldo £40, 2. Topshop£100, 3. River Island £60, 4. Carvela £180, 5. Urban Outfitters £145

2. We might tell our parents and bank managers otherwise but let’s face it we embrace the nightlife big time. Sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day or we don’t have the energy left (having used it all up in class, of course) to work out another fabulous evening outfit. This is why we all need a backup option. It shouldn’t be too trend specific and should be one of those cuts that just works for your body. The dress alone will work as a pick me up and make you feel much better than you were before you slipped into it.

Topshop £46
Bonus recessionista points: With facebook to instagram and twitter to tumblr we are constantly snapping and being snapped. Obviously we don’t want to look like we are wearing the same thing all the time but to get a decent amount of wears out of something you’ve spent a few quid on why not dye it to look like another dress!? A friend had a divine white dress that could’ve been designed especially for her. Wearing it to nightclubs though, it’s bound to get marked. Unwilling to relinquish this exquisite sartorial treat she dyed it pink which gave it a new lease of life and a totally new look. Eventually it was time for another revamp and black it went. 3 dresses for the price of 1? Yes please!

3. Mumma always tells me not to wish my life away. She’s got a point. We are only young once. So now is the time to experiment, push boundaries and try new things. There is all the time in the world to get in a makeup rut, don’t do it yet. Try a new bold lipstick colour, or even on your eyes. Coloured mascara is back from the deep dark depths of the 90s and it’s kinda wonderful. If that’s too much at least get creative with some smoking eye shadow and mix dark hues with metallic shades for a sultry finish.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week

4. Every winter an array of knitted jumpers hit the stores. This year is no exception. Here is your chance to show off your personality by picking one that screams YOU! The best advantage of these cosy cuddlers is that they are oh so stylish but oh so easy. Just grab and go when you’re running late and still look great.
1. Rachel Bilson, 2. Alessandra Amrbosio, 3. Urban Outfitters £42, 4. River Island £38, 5. £42, 6. £40 both Topshop
5. Finally, get a haircut. I’m sure you used to have to before prep-school, well now is the time to get the snip. Feel fresh and smart by getting rid of your dead ends and trying something new. When you’re student loan is preoccupied in Philip Green’s bank account you’ll probably skimp on non-essentials like haircuts so grab one now while you can. And try something new! Part your hair differently, or get glamorous with a big bouncy blow dry; only young once, remember!

Backstage at New York Fashion Week

There is no need to buy hundreds of pieces to rework your existing wardrobe for the new season. Just carefully choose a few key pieces and update your look for the next term and you'll get an A+ for style.

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