houndstooth and leather

Yesterday I had a day of indulgence through the joys of shopping, eating out and catch up drinks. As wonderful as my day was it was a long one and thus comfort was an important consideration when dressing. Never the less style is non-negotiable. Continuing the discussion that has been raised numerous times on HanJanRan I tucked into some winter trends; leather, black and knits, with a late summer twist.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but House of Holland’s bright and beautiful hounds tooth pieces have been everywhere at the moment (on sale in Urban Outfitters here). So I whipped out my 6 year old Zara houndstooth T to wear underneath my new two tone loose knit. The jumper is (also UO) not too heavy as it is not entirely cold enough yet, but is warm (and cosy) and rather lovely to look at! The faux leather trousers are Topshop; cheap and cheerful, deliciously comfortable and satisfy my obsession for all things leather.

Finally footwear is a crucial decision when tube hopping and crowd weaving (as is always the case on Oxford St / Carnaby St etc). So I went for these pale mint green brogues that are so wearable they could be mistaken for slippers. The lighter colour of the shoes was my final nod to the summer sun.

In the evening I whipped my hair back into a tight ponytail and wacked on an oversized blazer from Zara Man for a more glamorous but androgynous evening finish.

What do you think about comfort vs style? 

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