Lana Del Rey for H&M

There are an abundance of collaborations on the high street at the moment. This is less of a collaboration more of an associative theme. Lana Del Rey emulates 60s retro cool. She often relates her style choices to that of Priscilla Presley. Lana’s music reeks of nostalgia which matches her look. Think high-waisted trousers, mohair and bomber jackets and you think of… H&M? Well not exactly.

The Swedish fashion house is more recognisable for clean lines, a simple approach to dabbling in trends. However it has been known to use the shock and awe factor before. Previously it has aligned forces with Versace, no less, for what was a sell-out collection. The brass-ness of the vintage inspired Versace prints were not quite to my taste but this one is a lot softer. Indulging in 2012 trends through peplums and floral prints this wistful autumn 2012 line will appeal to those that generally prefer a more modern look as well as those with a style akin to Del Rey. Individually there are some excellent pieces. From the berry faux leather skirt to a ‘body-con at its finest’ grey dress these will work well in any contemporary wardrobe. Pair them together a la Lana and you have a nostalgic sartorial assortment.

H&M must have a marketing guru on board right? We all know Lana Del Rey is the controversial whirl wind goddess of the moment. Mulberry knows. Fearne Cotton knows. H&M knows. But Lana’s no fool – her collaboration with H&M is not just a pretty face – in some cute clothes. She is also launching her new song (a cover) on the back of this campaign. The advert is essentially the music video; clever. The song is Bobby Vinton's string-laden 1963 melancholic "Blue Velvet" that suits the tone of the campaign and the collection. The palette of the clothes ranges from pale dusky pinks, to charcoals and white to purples and gentle greens – unashamedly girly. It suits the mood of the song, the style and the whole extravaganza. Well these Swedish fashion mafias know what they’re doing from Versace to Lana Del Rey and soon Anna Dello Russo.

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