Minimalist Chic

You know that girl that always looks well dressed, chic but not too much? She makes you relive that nightmare of a morning you had getting ready in regret. Generally her outfit won’t be fussy, too much or even that trend specific. It will have nodded to of the moment looks but essentially revolves around her personal style. Well now more than ever is the time that effortless chic has come into its own. There are blogs entirely devoted to this beauty and tumblrs alike. This girl doesn’t look any less fashion because she chose to forgo high heels in fact her easy breezy attitude of minimalist heaven completely trumps your over thought, over the top look.

I don’t know how these supernatural types never have ladders in their tights and their hair always stays in place but being organised in your wardrobe can help. By having quality basics that are well cut and made from luxurious material like fine knit v-necks and great crisp shirts can make combining interesting print skirts or baroque trousers a lot easier, especially when you woke up late.

A major train of thought to acknowledge is one prominently encouraged since 2007 when let’s face it we all got a bit more skint. Touch up your look with accessories and one key piece that are specifically from this season’s trends. Otherwise it is my pleasure to say that acknowledging and sticking to your own style is more beautiful and celebrated than ever. Know your style, know your shape and just don’t overcomplicate things. This means that you can dig out that double breasted coat from way back and with the right pair of boots make it so 2012. It also gives you a great excuse to spend more on that trench coat than your conscience is ready to allow you to.

I must say Europeans seem to have this look down but somehow we Brits have been over styled, dare I say it. So strip it back, keep comfortable and just sprinkle some high fashion over your own look if you want to make the majority of us really quite jealous. Bear in mind that this look isn’t lazy. It’s not about only wearing a t and jeans. It is about minimalist style that is on purpose.

Generally speaking if you buy even the plainest item from lines by Joseph or The Row it’s going to give the lux feel no matter how you wear it. If that’s a little out of your price range try Zara or Marks and Spencer for great cheaper alternatives. H&M and Topshop do fantastic chunky jewellery that will allow you to keep up to date with accessory related trends without make a lifelong commitment and will add some excitement to any look.

Coco Chanel I’m sure made other women feel regret and self-conscious by her ridiculous level of chic. She did share a few words of wisdom for us one of which was to “always take the last thing you put on, off”. Wise words indeed, so long as you keep it in terms of accessories and don’t leave your coat at home when it’s freezing outside!

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