Nick Knight shoots Kim Kardashian

As promised, Tuesday TV will be a weekly occurrence. And this week Nick Knight shoots Kim Kardashian. What a combination!? My favourite and esteemed photographer Nick Knight keeps up with  what is current and puts his wonderful lens to it. Love or hate Kim Kardashian - the woman is everywhere. As Kardashian does what she does best, sits in front of a camera, Knight works to create more iconic imagery. The footage lasts for over 4 hours. This is just the first 10 minutes where you get an idea of the different tone of this shoot in comparison to her usual ones. Well it is the photography extraordinaire Nick Knight's photo shoot.

The styling is perfectly of the moment. Yet it will still appeal to Kardashian's Klan (yeah, I 'k'-ed it) what with oversized fur pieces. The monochromatic finish is not only classic but on trend. 

"Never one to stray far from the pulse of the zeitgeist, Nick Knight embraced pop culture by shooting reality sensation, Twitter phenomenon and all round girl-of-the-moment Kim Kardashian for V magazine. Stylist Ellie Grace Cumming and hair-guru Sam McKnight help keep Kardashian looking her best." -

Scroll down for the final images. 

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