the great white shirt

A white shirt? Well, that’s a bit boring isn’t it? Are you really going to write a whole post about a white shirt? Yes, I am. Because…
The androgynous style has reigned for quite some time now. With public fashion figures such as Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger and Kate Moss regularly flirting around with the fashion, it has unmistakably earned fashion kudos. In Moss’s nonchalant androgynous way, there is a certain rock’n’roll edge to it that says “no, this isn’t for women, I’m actually wearing my (boyfriend, now) husband’s suit”. While Kruger takes the look to composed and edgier heights, Chung keeps her signature preppiness by including brogues in her ensembles.  Armani consistently shows collections that too play around with the masculine aesthetic. However their take is so extremely elegant it’s hard to even use a male adjective when describing the designs.

So how do we address androgyny with a chic manifest? Well, tuxedo and smoking jackets have great sense of sensual mysteriousness. Suits are for men though, right? NO. Not if Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg and Hérmes have anything to say about it.

As I began to touch on in my previous post about Trans-seasonal Trends, the autumn/winter looks are now upon us. Within which two piece suits have reigned. Often with bold deco prints or winter coloured floral designs these bold “matchy matchy” looks have been accompanied by some really exquisite tailoring – and, the shirt. We’ve worn blouses in abundance but the heavyweights aren’t messing around with pussy-bows anymore.

Today there is a more street friendly approach to wearing this previously more boyish garment. It could be a denim or plaid shirt that takes your fancy. I must confess to having lived in a Zara denim shirt during spring. There is the opportunity to mess around with cool shirts and clashing prints a la Ms Ora, as well as a more sophisticated approach with printed tailored trousers (see previous post about my adoration for great trousers).

Previously I’ve not been one to worry about “basics” as I tend to wear more… garish or shall we say ‘out there’ pieces. However this year I have worked on building my collection of well-cut t’s and staple cover ups and I have to say it makes for a much more wearable wardrobe. So this week off I trotted to UNIQLO to buy a well overdue white shirt. I immediately headed to this store as simple and striking is what they do! When I came to wear it (the next day) I kept its modesty by not over accessorizing it. The trousers have a discreet print that makes the look slightly livelier and I gave it a bit of spice with some downtown navy ankle boots.

When it begins to get colder I will wear this shirt with thick jeans, studded shoes and a long overcoat. For the evenings I might pair it with black leather shorts and a black blazer for a monochromatic style. Its simplicity should not be underestimated but it does make for a very wearable and translatable item of clothing. See? The white shirt isn’t so boring after all!

Shirt: Uniqlo, Trousers: Monsoon, Boots: Office, Bag: Topshop, Sunglasses: Prada

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