Beauty Products to Survive Winter

As winter is now in full swing you are likely to be feeling the effects of the cold on your skin and hair. Not feeling so beautiful? Well, I have chosen five beauty-product must haves that will make you feel a little more "Ooh" than "Oh!"

The low temperatures outside and central heating warmth take their toll on our appearances. The cold can make your lips chapped, while the radiators can dry out your skin and the drizzle causes frizz but here are some on trend ways to prevent this less wonderful winter look.

For more and more people Moroccan Oil is an absolute staple. As party season approaches I'm willing to bet your curling tongs and GHDs will be in serious overdrive. The Hydrating Styling Cream from the geniuses behind Moroccan Oil will keep your tresses well-nourished as well as working well for your creative hair trends as the festivities get going. 

When the nights start getting darker earlier and the days never really seem to get that bright I am always drawn to keep my nails dark too. If like me you prefer the darker side this does not leave you limited to just black. I particularly like to layer deep hues to the point it could be mistaken for black but is actually a far more mysterious and interesting colour. This Deep Sea green nail lacquer from Mac is suitable for winter and works well with the heritage trend, glam goth and compliments the of the moment berry colours. Look truly polished with Mac's lacquer to complete your look.

As far as make up goes, it takes a completely different approach in the winter months rather than during their sunnier predecessors. To ensure an even application ensure you exfoliate before even getting started. As your skin dries out it could leave your foundation looking patchy and uneven. Avoid this undesired finish by using Dermalogica's daily microexfoliant. Despite the name I wouldn't suggest using it daily but perhaps bi-weekly. It starts as a powder, turns into a paste and finishes with an even complexion. This product is slightly dearer than other exfoliators you may have previously used but it lasts a purse friendly length of time.

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent has won numerous awards and not for lack of good reason. Our tans have faded so unfortunately (as much as we’d rather not admit) we need a little more help to get that desirable glow. As we get increasingly pale all our flaws are irritatingly more visible. Fear not though as the YSL concealer that the most beautiful swear by will cover any imperfections readily.

Finally add the perfect touch of glamour. The Shanghai Express colour by Nars gives a seductive edge to your look but without being OTT due to the lipstick’s matt finish. No matter how great the lipstick (and this one is fabulous) there is no use bothering with a chapped pout. Use an old dry toothbrush to scrub off any dead skin before applying. This divine deep red shade suits brunettes and is perfectly apt for this season.

Use my top five beauty-products to ensure you feel as truly magnificent as the winter season should be and defeat the downfalls of the darker more sensual season. 

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