Fashion Review: Skyfall Première

Whenever I have to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and formulate words that express what it is I love about fashion I must confess I have trouble. There are so many cliché’s flying around about one’s love for faaaashion, dahling and I strive to be somewhat more original. There are numerous ways of depicting what captures your heart because ‘fashion’ is such a vague term. No matter what I feel at that moment about it, I always end up discussing how relevant fashion is and how it overlaps into other seriously popular areas of our everyday life. Such an overlap is hugely prominent with the film and television industries. Look at how Downton Abbey has influenced the heritage trend, for example. Well we have another phenomenon ripe in our presence today.

You won’t have been able to avoid it. It has been belting from an auburn haired songstress’ lungs, plastering the lengths of billboards and distracting DJs across our airwaves. Another James Bond is upon us. The iconic character of exquisite taste in cars, suits and women is back in all his blue eyed glory. The première of another piece of cinematic iconography was duly spectacular. And style notes must be taken.

Daniel Craig – the man of the moment – wore an exquisite Tom Ford suit. The Bond ladies stole the show though.  Naomie Harris wore Marios Schwab (more on this later), while Bérénice Marlohe hit red carpet perfection with our very own Vivienne Westwood. To me it seems a perfect choice, an attention grabbing British dress of sublime design at a celebration of a quintessentially British, astronomically successful film franchise. The dress itself is cut so wonderfully and oozes proper Westwood charm. There is a whimsicalness that only Viv can emulate. The red is an interesting colour choice for the red carpet. By no means does Marlohe blend in though. In fact she seems to rule the runway in a regal way. Also note the soft yet strong eye makeup and hair that works so well with the femininity of the dress yet the strength of the colour and bold use of fabric.

Now, Naomie’s Schwab dress. The use of fabric here achieves a different aesthetic than that of Bérénice s. This young lady’s figure of goddess divinity is shown off here to no end. However, the question is poised – is it too much? I would have preferred the blue sequin body and the light colour sheer skirt (spot it underneath the black) alone or the black long sleeved dress with a black (still sequined) body for a little more sophistication. With her earrings too this look must be inspired by the futuristic trend we have seen a lot of lately. I admire her daring choice and you can’t fault her bod, but there is a point in adventurous fashion where you just think – it just doesn’t look good.

There are two pieces of styling that I have to confess are personal favourites from the evening. They shine in all the sparkly magnificence for two totally contrasting reasons. Firstly Rachel Weisz who incidentally didn’t grace the red carpet (probably being kind to the others so as not to steal focus) but still struck sartorial heaven in a Chanel gown. This graced the runway in their autumn 2012 show and suits our English Rose perfectly. The colour is so feminine, chic and timeless. The gently draping sleeves and refined flash of flesh through the cut outs at the waist achieves siren levels of sexiness.

And finally… Dame Judi Dench. With a neck-jazzle. The ice blue gown and complimenting floor length jacket was accessorised with 007 in gem stickers on the award winning actress’ neck. This surprising choice of neck adornment just shows that no matter how accomplished and successful one becomes, no one should ever take themselves, nor fashion, too seriously.

It is indeed impossible to escape the James Bond mania that has stricken our nation, but the inability to escape the relevance and cultural references to fashion is constant. This week jubilation fills our homes as news of the end of the double dip recession is announced, a new James Bond is in our cinemas and Dame Judi Dench has taken styling tips from TOWIE. When has there been a better time to embrace more adventurous and more exciting fashion choices than now?

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