Line I Love: The Kooples

The Kooples is a French ready-to-wear brand that raves a serious level of cool. This is not formulaic cool. You just gotta’ have it. Wearing The Kooples chic come urban British style range will help though. There’s an element of rock’n’roll but with undeniable sophistication. Think razor sharp blazers with loose fit trousers and heeled high-tops.

I am sure you’ve noticed their campaigns. They feature real life couples capturing a moment in various stages of relationships. The authenticity of their chosen models does wonders for the kudos of the brand. It feels authentic from the look-book to the print ads to the composition of the outfits. Pete Doherty launched a collaborative range with the French brand in the first half of this year. So you get the youthful, fresh yet tailored style that is the epicentre of their lines.

There is also a strong theme of androgyny throughout all their looks. Your girlfriend could wear your blazer and your boyfriend could steal a shirt. Admittedly the palette isn’t hugely wild or broad but it makes for a concise collection that can be interchanged easily. Individually pieces aren’t cheap for what you’re getting. However by not going too fashion-ie these pieces will last! In as unstable an economic climate as we are in the midst of I cannot stress enough how worthwhile it is to invest in long-life clothing. Use the high-street to update your look with of-the-moment trend specific accents but generally workout what your personal style is and work with great, strong personal sartorial purchases. The Kooples will help you get there if you secretly always wished you’d dated someone a bit “indie rock’n’roll” – to quote The Killers.

This French label really has conquered European chic for real girls and cool boys. So go get kitted out… (Or alternatively use their look-book for inspiration and use Zara and Topshop to get the look like me!)

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