My Platform Past

As a young girl I ogled my mother’s shoe collection wishing, nay preying my feet would hurry up and grow so I could steal her Perspex Gucci cut out wedges. Her array of colourful heeled accessories warmed my heart but made my eyes so much greener. One April fools I pretended to break one print-tastic Dolce and Gabbanna kitten heel. I was a child possessed with the allure of my mother’s shoe cupboard.
-          What’s that you cry? A kitten heel? Yes! I was compulsively obsessed with a kitten heel.
Well, now my shoe size has somewhat surpassed that of mummy dearests’ (April fool related karma perhaps?) and the size of my heel has grown significantly too. I recall (as will my dorm mates from boarding school) a pair of candy pink patent Carvella shoes. The assistants in House of Fraser oohed and aahed while passing mothers gasped “But they’re so high!” – “Well, yes, that’s the point”. I relinquished ownership last term and passed them on to Oxfam as admittedly they weren’t looking so sharp anymore. This transition of custody was also because what once seemed astonishing height now seemed frightfully feeble. With a mere one centimetre platform how could they compete with the stripper shoes so many of us strap ourselves into every Saturday?

The levels of elevation have seemingly no limit. What seemed at first bold, exciting, powerful and the height of fashion bravery (excuse the pun) now has unfortunate transvestite and, even worse, TOWIE connotations. At 5’11 these extra five inches make me enter another stratosphere. Some fear this level of altitude but I’ve never been one to hide from the light. There was something secretly satisfying about towering above the whimpering short man syndrome encompassed onlookers, perhaps it was a power battle that I had momentarily won. However with a “heel revolution” as I like to call this season, these stompy clumpy over the top shoes just feel – cheap! Don’t get me wrong I haven’t kicked my addiction entirely, because I cannot tell you how much more comfortable they are! Nonetheless a war has sparked.  For want of more complimentary terminology; The Tranny vs The Real Lady.

Only Victoria Beckham and Essex folk are left to get the memo. The rest of us have the joy of being inundated with elegance, sophistication, glamour without the glamour model. The new shape of shoe is the difference between the fit girl and the beautiful. Manolo Blahnik cannot fathom the appeal of the platform shoe. He is quoted to be “so pleased” that they are “over”. Well, girls, if the master of foot elegance isn’t one to listen to, I know not how else to empress my point.

There are still plenty of ways to be adventurous with your heels though, fear not. The geniuses at the shoemakers have come up with new ways to be bold, brave and excited by the shoe department in Selfridges.

The Future:
Chloe, Chanel, YSL
 Queue The Ugly Shoe:
Balenciaga, Carven, Marni
 Cray Cray:
Chanel, Rodarte, Erdem
 C'est Chic:
Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren

Kitten heels have, to many people’s displeasure, also made a return. I have previously judged these sweet little half heels to be for those who can’t actually walk in “proper” heels. However with the array of styles out there today there is something to be said for a sleek pointed modern take on the humble height. I shall have to enquire as to the whereabouts of that stunning Dolce and Gabanna pair that are (along with the Gucci wedge) to blame for my bank account swindling shoe addiction.

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