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Nailed It!
Recently I have been asked a few styling questions by friends that I thought I would use for the basis of some posts. So this weekend a dear friend enquired what was an on trend colour to get her nails painted when she goes for her manicure this week? “What about silver?” She proposed.
Alexander McQueen
Well, silver is a great choice for this winter. It works well with the futuristic trend that has been becoming more and more present now that we are in the depths of winter (- autumn, what?). Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier both painted their models’ talons with the metallic hue. If you fancy being a bit bad ass or a bit 2022 then go forth and paint your nails silver. This colour feels so right as Jack Frost begins to paint the great outdoors with the shimmer and sparkle that keeps us wrapped up in fear of frostbite.
Rachey Roy
Continuing the rock’n’roll edge that I mentioned above and the inescapable presence of early evenings and dark, dark winter nights, a great seasonal staple for our nails is black. Once saved for goths, emos and the Adams family, black is now so popular every nail polish brand makes it. Keep black nails shorter and well groomed and team with truly wintery looks rather than anything too summery or overtly girly. For this winter black will work extraordinarily well with the hugely prominent gothic trend that if you haven’t acknowledged yet you must have been in a fashion-deprived cave! You only need to walk into Topshop to be bombarded with thick black lace and deep rich velvet to know Gothic is a key look to be worn right now (N.B. utilise to have a fashion forward Halloween look).
If you are ever truly uncertain about which polish to choose just think about the key looks of the season. As HanJanRan has already revealed cobalt blue is a noteworthy colour for autumn/winter 2012. So transfer your knowledge of what are great colours for your wardrobe into your beauty regime. Strike a bold stroke of magnificence like Erdem did by painting your nails fabulously shocking cobalt blue. This colour will work well with the darker floral trend that has transferred into winter. It can also look spectacular when contrasting with another startling vibrant shade like neon yellow or hot pink, so clash away.
Those that appreciate a more subtle approach to manicures will be pleased to read that Chanel has introduced another more subdued choice for that of-the-moment nail colour. Choose a pale dusky grey to gain not only fashion kudos but for a nail that will work well with the majority of styles you decide to work now and during the coming months. Previously Chanel also popularised various shades of beige which should still be enjoyed today. The heritage trend will benefit from a lick of beige nail varnish and again, like the grey, it will work across all styles and particularly elongates fingers giving an elegant finish.
House of Holland
I wouldn’t be giving a true depiction of nail trends if I didn’t at least acknowledge the crazy pattern and print designs that celebrities and extreme nail art fans have been embracing recently. Admittedly some are really rather fabulous. As I suggested before if ever in doubt look at what is a big craze in the clothes department first. Henry Holland has revamped the houndstooth and this is a print that is absolutely everywhere again, including on our nails! Other less chic takes on this look have come to include 3D parts glued on, and themed designs that differ on each finger. They are truly spectacular but I would attempt at a risk as it is unlikely to coordinate or complement many looks other than that of the bold colour clash!
Meadham Kirchoff
No matter what colour you choose this winter have fun with your nails but don’t leave them unkempt and chipped. If you really want to stand out from the crowd head down to a reputable nail bar and get a different take on the classic French manicure with missing half-moon crescents, or dark tips. Also watch out for the matt finish that will be taking over any moment now.
Donna Karen

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