HanJanRan's gift ideas Part 1

The one month count down began yesterday. There are merely 29 days for us to decorate, prepare, shop and celebrate the festivity that is Christmas. Now that can sound like far too short an amount of time when you’ve already promised weekends to various extended family members and haven’t even thought about what you’re going to give everyone this year. However you need not panic. The seasonal stress can be avoided if you calmly think through all those you need to buy for, decide a budget and let HanJanRan do the rest!

Over the course of the next fortnight there will be an array of posts focused on what to buy your;
  • ·         Best friend (female),
  • ·         Best friend (male),
  • ·         Sister / daughter,
  • ·         Brother / son,
  • ·         Dad,
  • ·         Mum,
  • ·         Boyfriend and
  • ·         Girlfriend

These will offer a small selection of varying priced gifts that you could choose and have no worry that the recipient will enjoy. Finally it is really very special to receive a beautifully wrapped present from a loved one so I will suggest a few Rudolph recommended retailers for the ribbons and wrapping paper.

Potential Presents for your Best Friend

Starting from left to right:
1. Chococo at Selfridges £4.99
2. Strappy sandals from Zara £49.99
3. Kate the Kate Moss Book at Amazon £50.00
4. Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé, 75cl £30 available at John Lewis

So to get the (snow)ball rolling the first lucky recipient being focused on is your Best Friend!!
Receiving a gift from your sister from another mister always feels special. They didn’t have to get you anything but it is so rewarding to know how much they appreciate you. My rationale is that when you’re buying something for Christmas it shouldn’t be something they need but something that they couldn’t justify or wouldn’t think to buy themselves; but a treat. Cue chocolate, champagne, shoes and art.
This cleverly moulded chocolate is suitably festive in the form a Christmas tree decoration. At just £4.99 best friends all over should head to Selfridges to spoil their agony aunt and party partner. Pop open this delicious dark chocolate snowball from Chococo to discover handmade crunchy honeycomb and dark chocolate.
Zara is fabulous for of the moment pieces and is the reigning champion for bringing high fashion to the high street. It is easy to get carried away and so difficult to choose in Zara. However I think this pair of strappy sandals* will appeal to many different styles of women. The studs are sexy, gothic and attention grabbing. The height isn’t overwhelming so shouldn’t put anyone off. And hey, they’re just kind of fabulous, aren’t they?
*Going for shoes rather than clothes means it is easier to get the size right! Have a snoop in your friend’s closet to double check her size before you buy.
Celebrate being blessed with such a beauteous girlfriend with some pink bubbly – it has got to be pink for the girls, right? This Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé, 75cl £30 available at John Lewis is perfectly feminine, not too dear and extremely delicious!
I have both given and received coffee table books before and knowing that this present will last forever is magnificent. Always write a timeless note in the front so the recipient will fondly remember when you gave them this book. Personally I tend to lean towards fashion and photography in regards to the topic. If these subjects resonate with you too I highly recommend Kate Moss’ first tell all book. This is not your typical celebrity drawl as it is predominantly photographs (preferable when they’re of Mossy). This will be welcomed with open arms by any fashion loving lady. Available from Amazon.
This is a concise selection of what to put under the tree to begin the series of potential presents. If I haven’t included any recipients your desperate for help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Like HanJanRan on facebook, followHanJanRan on twitter and instagram and check out the pictures-only sister blogon tumblr. HanJanRan wants to hear from you!
And most importantly let the countdown to Christmas begin!

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