Tim Walker 'Storyteller' at Somerset House

Alexander McQueen
Vivienne Westwood
Tilda Swinton

What I wore, Me and mum at Somerset House

I missed my mum’s birthday because unfortunately I had class in Bristol but as soon as my timetable allowed I drove back to Surrey to celebrate with her. Because I am away at university I wanted to give us both some time together rather than just present her with a tangible gift. So instead I took mumma to London to have a day of galleries and food. I met her at SouthKen tube station with her favourite coffee and off we headed to the V&A to see the Hollywood Costumes exhibition. (I will write about this in a later post.) We grabbed some Asian food for lunch which was so delicious we definitely over-ate! A hop, skip and tube ride later, we arrived (freezing all the way to our bones) at the glorious Somerset House.

The building itself is simply magnificent which appropriately set the tone for what was in store. Tim Walker’s exhibition ‘Storyteller’ is truly exceptional. The presentation of his work was extraordinary and commendable in its own right and of course his work is mind-blowingly good.

Walker’s take on what is beautiful is not necessarily your generic aesthetic and somehow this makes his beauty so much more intensely stunning. This intimidating beauty is more powerful and stirring than predictable loveliness. Stella Tennant and Tilda Swinton were featured heavily.

Vivienne Westwood’s portrait shows a dazzling woman. Her spectacular soul shines through her exterior. You just know this is what Walker was aiming to capture and did so beyond expectation. This picture really struck both me and my mum in its magnificence.

“Looking at young people in photographs give you a wistfulness of what will soon disappear.” – This could be said of anything that is immortalised through Walker’s lense. The moment the shutter is released that image is a representation of the past. You are being granted the privilege of a tiny insight into a spectacular moment where art was being created. This sense of being invited to see a snapshot of genius stays with you from room to room.

There is also a constant sense of nature. That natural beauty should and can be acknowledged and appreciated everywhere, in the unusual and the planned. Walker’s use of colour is splendid and bold. Explosions portray the unexpected nature of life and emotion.

“…like series of unrealised films. His world is enchanting and theatrical and impossible.”
Samurai Nuns
The samurai nuns and Alexander McQueen’s portrait made an imprint on me. There is a melancholic charm that overwhelms me when I look into the eyes of McQueen through Walker’s interpretation. The samurai nuns present elegance and strength. There was a series using UFOs and road signs and an element of Alice in Wonderland madness through other series that are both worth noting.

The ice rink and Christmas tree were being set up as we perused the Walker exhibition. There are cafes, bars and restaurants to reside in after to discuss the photography with a glass of wine just as we did. The exhibition is free of charge too, which means there really is no reason not to go. The Tim Walker ‘Storyteller’ coffee table book is now on my Christmas wish list having had the pleasure to see it in person. If you like fashion or photography or Nick Knight’s style you will adore this. Well to be honest if you’re, like, human you will adore this. 

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