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After a long succession of coursework my winter term has come to an end which means the next focus is the event we can’t stop talking about; Christmas! The winner of X factor has been announced, Strictly Come Dancing is almost over and I have already attended numerous Christmas parties. The big day is only ten days away so as I am sure you know the shops have reached pandemonium. To avoid losing your sanity within the depths of Oxford Street I advise you to be as organised about your Christmas shopping as can be. (Weeks ago now – oops) I began a list of what to buy the special people in your life. Unfortunately due to demands in other aspects of my life I have left it until now to post the other present ideas! If you’re anything like me you will still have a significant amount of your shopping left so please scroll down for a double whammy of gift recommendations!

Potential Presents for your sister or daughter

1. Agnelle gloves £80
2. Acne jumper £170
3. Bib necklace by East £30
4. Nails Inc Gothic Collection £25

Attacking one’s windscreen can result in frostbitten fingers. To ensure your beloved sister or daughter doesn’t have to suffer such extremities give her these beautiful leather gloves by Agnelle. The short length and berry colour is particularly on trend for this winter but is a classic look that will suit any style coat. They are also available in black for the more subtle sister.

To know your present was loved by the recipient there’s no better validation than always seeing them in it! Give them a snuggly and chic jumper by Acne in the colour of the moment and you will have no doubt that this present was a hit! You might even get fed up of seeing them in it because it really is that fabulously wearable.

At this time of year we end up wearing a ridiculous amount of layers in the hope to thaw out but we also want to have a bit of sparkle to suit the festivities. Give your sister or daughter the chance to shine with this cheap and cheerful bib necklace from House of Fraser. The range of colours means it is versatile and wearable.

Nails Inc never fail to provide us with seasonal gift packages making present choices simple. This is the Gothic Collection and what you’ll find inside includes all the major nail trend colours for this Christmas. Chelsea – plum black, Tate – classic red, Cambridge terrace – metallic silver and Paddington – dark grey. There is a colour to suit all moods and to vamp up any party look.
With these four options you categorically will not fail to delight your female family member. If you’re feeling particularly generous these four gifts work really well together with the potential to wear all four simultaneously. So the only difficult thing left is for you to choose which ones you wrap up for under the tree.
Potential presents for your brother or son

1. Dsquared iPad case £65
2. Urban Outfitters jumper £60
3. The Killers tickets approx £50 / The Comedy Store tickets vary: approx £12-£25
4. Homeland box set approx £27

Technology is central to all of our lives these days. However boys tend to lack the ability to care about their belongings in the appropriate manner (stereotyping enormously here). Therefore an iPad case by Dsquared will keep them cool and their technology safe. The bold red colour is fun and playful and yet seriously trendy.
Urban Outfitters is well known for their stylish attire and their men’s section does not disappoint. As I described previously with the Acne jumper for your sister or daughter a great knit is not only a life saver but the sort of piece the recipient will just live in. This is a little more cost friendly and will suit any man in your life’s style.

I know the biggest complaint about the boys in my family is that we don’t get to see enough of them. So if you feel the same why not get them a pair of tickets to a music concert that you can enjoy together. Admittedly this could be deemed a slightly selfish choice but hey, it’s still a great gift to receive! The Killers are playing in February and June or if you want to let them choose get some tickets for The Comedy Store and then they can pick the act.

A DVD box set has the potential for hours of cosy fun. You’ll need some sofa time on Boxing Day after the rush of preparing for the 25th and then the ridiculous volume of food consumed. Be selfless and choose your brother/son a series you know they adore or be family friendly and get one you will all appreciate.

All eight of these gifts can be bought online so it’s up to you whether you feel the need to fight the tempestuous rain and winds. Personally I’ll be ordering the majority of mine from the comfort of my sofa!

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Merry Christmas and try to keep warm

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