Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence: More than mannequins

Celebrities are continuously asked for the magic secret that gave them their great bodies. The answers generally come in either of two categories. Thoroughly vague and aloof whereby they give nothing of any value away or some generic spiel about balancing exercise and eating right – that we all know anyway. Rarely do they speak honestly or even appropriately regarding their public position. Most of them bury the fact that their ability to be in such great shape is down to being able to afford personal trainers and dieticians. Which they are willing to pay for seeing as their job partially depends on their looks. However this week I read and heard two refreshing answers from actresses that I thought to share.

When Anne Hathaway was asked about her diet for her role in the much anticipated film Les Miserables the young brunette responded “This is not a Hollywood diet, I didn't lose the weight to look attractive. I needed to look like I was dying and I worry that all that attention adds up to an unhealthy way. You know I appreciate the question, I don't want to answer it because I think that I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film.” And she didn’t want to give any unhealthy ‘tips’ to those who might just “want to drop like a couple of pounds.”

I then went on to flicking through Grazia where I read that Jennifer Lawrence had explained that when she was a young teen not eating seemed to be glamorised because of the rumours about Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie relating to this. She confessed to not understanding the allure of such dieting and came home one day after school proclaiming to her mum “Everyone’s stopped eating bread… So I just had to eat all their burgers!!”

These two women are currently being celebrated for successes within their field and the focus should be on their talents not their curves or even lack thereof.  At The Golden Globes they both won in their respective categories; Anne for Best Supporting Actress and Jennifer for Best Actress (in a musical or comedy). I for one am bored of reading interviews with PR trained responses about diets. I am much more interested in reading about women at the top of their game in whatever field it may be.

As Jennifer and Anne promote their recent flicks and award season is upon us we get to celebrate their successes by ogling how magnificent they look in their frocks and gowns. Anne has had some serious fashion chutzpah while doing the promotion rounds (I’m ignoring that incident on purpose). She’s worn a tuxedo look from Saint Laurent spring summer 13 show (which I loved – read about it here), a Gucci gown and even Alexander McQueen. Jennifer has also emulated the 70s but in a denim jumpsuit. She repeated the cinched in waist look but in a sultrier Christian Dior black ensemble. My personal favourite was a Christian Dior couture gown worn at the ‘Silver Linings’ premiere. Let’s not talk about their bodies, but what they put on them – For that is a far more serious and pressing topic! 

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