Ask HanJanRan: What to Wear in the Snow

We were warned and yet it still caused mayhem nationwide. The snow is falling and there are only so many “snow days” spent by the fire one can enjoy before getting cabin fever. So by now I am sure you are all scrambling for your coat and risking frost bitten noses and bambi on ice moments.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the fashion world is so out of sync in terms of what seasons are being presented and the actual seasonal weather upon us. Truth be told I am getting extraordinarily excited about the pictures filtering through the fashion press at the moment as Couture Fashion Week continues. Nevertheless wearing a gown as I pound the slushy pavements may be slightly inappropriate (and unkind to my the train of my imaginary Dior dress).

There is the inevitable temptation to hide beneath a blanket with a tea cosy on your head but just because it is sub-zero temperatures doesn’t mean our style standards need to plummet too. So here are a few key ways to keep snug and yet smug you still look good. I would also go as far to say that these golden nuggets can be applied as unisex.

Take inspiration from the great white outdoors when choosing your colour palette. Paler colours and especially white are incredibly chic in the winter months. They are brave with the UK weather but a striking contrast to the so often grey and bleak sky. The pursuit to work/university/the shops seems saturated in black and navy ensembles that only encourage the depressive feeling of drizzly winter days. Stand out from the crowd and indulge in paler colours that will make you feel that bit more special.

If you can’t part with your dark hues (I can sometimes find my looks lack colour) give yourself the sartorial equivalent of a health smoothie and boost your ensemble with a splash of neon. If you’ve read myprevious post you’ll already know how current neon is. If you haven’t read it (do) you’re undoubtedly aware regardless as its proving impossible to avoid! Head to American Apparel to top off your look with a neon beanie or check out how Tine Leng, stylist, has proven me wrong about wearing gowns in the snow!

Don’t be a fashion victim and not dress weather appropriate just because you want to show off a piece you think everyone else will appreciate. There is nothing less chic than seeing someone under-dressed on purpose. It’s snowing after all people!

More than likely the only thing people are going to see is your outerwear so invest in a great coat. It took her a while but my mother has finally realised she’s somewhat vertically challenged, where as I well and truly do not suffer from this height related hindrance. However her epiphany has served me well as I have gained a divine oversized black sheepskin Nicole Farhi coat and an dark blue A-line coat by Patrizia Pepe. These two coats have such personality and drama that there’s no risk of me blending into the background. Try belting your coat in a new way you hadn’t thought of before. Or leave it slightly undone and let an ostentatious scarf do the talking. Experimenting with different proportions and contrasting silhouettes can also give your overall style more excitement.

Finally with biker boots, doc martins, over the knee boots, rockabilly ankle boots, desert boots, and riding boots all saturating the high street and beyond let yourself wake up and tell the snow – “These boots are gonna’ walk all over you!”

Don’t be defeated by the snow, enjoy the picturesque beauty it has swept over untarnished fields and unreachable roofs. Appreciate these views while keeping warm and you'll look wonderful. 

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