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Yasmin Mace is coming to the end of her studies at University of Bristol after spending her placement year in the heart of Paris. Reading politics and French this young woman is destined for great things. For now though, she is sinking her teeth into another exciting challenge along-side writing her dissertation. Students from the University of Bristol have thrown a Fashion and Dance event to raise money for various charities for the past 10 years. This show is called FUZE.
Having participated in the organisation of FUZE in her second year, as well as working in fashion press while living in Paris, Yasmin is more than qualified to be one of the Managing Directors, even when juggling the demands of her final year. I’ve decided to interview her to see what goes into organising such a successful fashion event and to get the inside scoop about what’s going down this year!
What did you do to help organise FUZE in 2010 and how has it helped you run it this time around?
I was part of the Fashion team and worked as a Stylist. It was definitely helpful as I learnt more about the show’s production and what it involves to put on such an event. It means that I wasn’t thrown in at the deep end!
In helping organise a fashion show for such an incredible cause have you discovered any new ambitions or areas you’d like to explore once you’ve graduated?
I’m definitely closer to finding what it is I’d like to do. I really love the buzz that comes from putting on something like FUZE and working towards something with other people. It’s inspired me to look into Production and to try and find something that gives that same buzz.
How did you chose UNSEEN as your chosen charity and can you tell us a bit about what they do?
There are two other Managing Directors this year – Ellen Shaw and Toby Findlay. We wanted to pick a charity dealing with something global but that also applied locally to Bristol. Unseen’s basic aim is to eradicate human trafficking and to disrupt it’s process. It is Bristol based and the message is extremely potent as students here are blissfully unaware of the human trafficking that goes on around them. Bristol is a trafficking hub and raising awareness of the issue of modern slavery and Unseen’s work is vital. To find out more about their work check outwww.unseenuk.org.
So I understand you’ve secured some really well known brands such as Topshop and Topman – how did you go about this?

The Fashion team have done most of the groundwork with sourcing our Catwalk brands. They’ve contacted Bristol boutiques directly as well as getting in touch with head offices of more widespread designers or personally with the designer. The process involves asking for the loan of looks and coming up with a theme for each catwalk. In exchange we had to organise marketing tailored towards each individual brand. All of our brands this year have been so supportive of the show and are really keen to be involved with supporting the fight against Human Trafficking. We were able to make contact with Topshop and Topman via a contact from one of our models this year. It’s really exciting to have such a big name on board!
What other great lines can we expect to see at the show?
We’ve tried to go for a big variety this year. There are Bristol based boutiques such as Puckoo Couture , Fox and Feather , 71 Queens Road and The Birdcage. Established brands such as Beulah, Beautiful Bottoms, Derek Lawlor and Serge deNimes. We’ve got a special Young Designers walk and we also have a Bristol University student making a collection especially for FUZE.
When I watched the show two years ago it was more than just beautiful people walking, there were some dance routines and even goody bags. What else is happening throughout the evening in February?
The show is a fusion of Fashion and Dance and we have an incredibly talented group of dancers from the University who have been rehearsing for months perfecting their performances. There will be stalls and bars around the venue selling clothes from the catwalk, food, a nail art bar and a photo booth. Unseen will have their own corner with more information about their work. If you purchase a VIP ticket you can get exclusive access to our special VIP lounge sponsored by Red Bull with a free glass of champagne and a cupcake from Lily and Boo’s bakery. At the end of the night there is a After-Party at The Exchange in collaboration with Red Bull.
What are you most excited about for the show?
I’m most excited to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition and to see how it all comes together - seeing our ideas in practice! Fingers crossed that by the end of the show we can make a considerable donation to Unseen!
Finally… where can we get tickets?
Tickets are available online at www.mynightuk,com/fuze - Saturday’s show is already sold out but Friday tickets are still available (for now…)
To watch videos, see photographs and read more about the event itself head to their website www.fuze-bristol.comand twitter @FUZE2013

The fashion industry often gets disregarded as superficial and unethical but in fact apart from employing millions of people, it offers much needed escapism in the complex time we live in. In recent years in retaliation to such accusations the fashion elite often seek to prove their conscience through morality and environmentally friendly deeds. Stella McCartney only uses organic or recycled materials and HanJanRan has just posted about H&M’s new Conscious collection. Here is yet another example of the good work that can be executed simultaneously with fashion. I will be attending FUZE in a fortnight’s time first as a guest then the next night with my camera in tow to report to you the fabulous fashion festivities occurring. If my amateur shots aren’t good enough for you then make sure you buy tickets and support this marvellous cause.

Thanks to Yasmin for answering these questions and to the whole FUZE team. 

All images provided courtesy of FUZE

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