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How to survive the January Sales 

Having received Christmas presents from your loved ones you may or may not have been satisfied. I was thrilled. Nevertheless I risked life and limb and ventured out into the January sales. A time when all respect and human kindness exits the majority of people and an utterly raucous shopping centre replaces any glimmers of sanity. Zara is my favourite high street shop and I simply couldn’t face the mounds of screwed up clothes to find a bargain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and come away with some great pieces but having had issues with my back this Christmas I wasn’t willing to suffer grievous pain for a new dress. I did however get an idea of what I liked by choosing what I would have bought had the queue not been quite so snake like up and down the store.

Well what is the point in subjecting yourself to the sales-crazy crowds if you are not even going to buy anything? Instead of getting overexcited by the persuasive ‘up to SEVENTY PERCENT OFF’ signage and buying things I would not only never wear but were completely inappropriate for the coming seasons or even the current climate I left with some thinking to do. Here is my guide to sales shopping.

1. Go through the Spring/Summer 2013 shows. Do it. Decide which designer looks you love and will suit you. Do you have pieces in your wardrobe already that you can use to emulate that look? Work out what you are missing to fully achieve your desired looks for next season. Although the sale stock is last season often these trends may have already begun trickling down before the full collections are released. Let’s be ahead of the game, gang, it is 2013.

2. Make a list.

3. Examine your wardrobe and check if any staples or any favourite pieces of yours are looking a little worn out. Can you replace them from the sales? (I stocked up on divine loose cashmere blend jumpers from Marks and Spencer for a ridiculously low price.)

4. Unload your handbag of all that unnecessary rubbish – trust me you won’t want to carry the extra weight. No you don’t need that salon sized hairbrush and certainly won’t have time to sit down and use your ipad!

5. Don’t wear the gorgeous new brogues your sister bought you for Christmas. They’re new. They will rub. Wear your well-worn in shoes for extra longevity of shopping.

6. Wear good seamless underwear so if you do invest 35 minutes queuing for the fitting room you can make an honest decision as to whether it looks good or not.  

7. If you can – seriously – go on a weekday.

8. If you know your body truly well do all of it online. You’ll get to see more stock because it won’t be scrunched up underneath piles of discarded clothes. You won’t break your back trying to find the last of your size. You won’t get in a fist fight for that last sequin skirt in size S.

9.Check all the shops return policies and all their delivery costs. I have bought 5 pairs of boots from Kurt Geiger sale so I can shop from the comfort of my own bedroom. Try them all on when they arrive and send back the ones I don’t like or don’t fit. At no extra cost.

10.Finally only buy it if you would have at its full price. It isn’t a saving if you buy something you’ll never wear.                 - Admittedly I’m not great at this, but I’m trying really hard to work on it! New year, new you – a new organised shopper!!

Style magazine, a fabulous supplement to The Sunday Times that everyone should read, noted physical shops are becoming more and more akin to showrooms. We use them to get to grips with a collection, have a touch, cop a feel. We don’t buy in store. Instead we take time to mull over what we really need (/want) and then buy it online. This way is fuss-free and generally buying online entitles you to a more obliging returns policy than in store. I took this approach with sales shopping this January and found it much less taxing physically! You know, a lot of women note shopping as their chosen form of exercise. I must admit it is a bloody good work out elbowing other women for the last pair of Isabel Marant-alike booties.

Images from Elle 

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