FUZE 2013: Review and photographs

FUZE is the largest fashion, dance and music event in Bristol. It is run by students, modelled and danced by students even the DJ is a student, all of which are enrolled at the University of Bristol. If youth, confidence and stupendous talent wasn’t enough to excite you, well, it’s all for charity. Local unique fashion boutiques of the vintage and new variety lent clothes as well as bigger names like Serge deNimes and Topshop, Topman. If you were lucky enough to get to see either the Friday night or Saturday night show for yourself I’m sure you’ll agree that the choreographers need to be let loose on MTV not confined to the dance floors of University of Bristol’s student union.

On the opening night I attended with one of the managing director’s family and my mother, on the FROW the four of us sat with our jaws on the ground for the entirety of the show. Not only were the dancers phenomenal, the music contagiously good fun but the clothes were beautiful or cool or beautifully cool. To begin with the female models paced the catwalk with tea light candles in their hand, bar one who lead a white husky, in designs by… yes, you guessed it… a student. Lydia Cooper is in her first year at UoB studying History of Art and yet still found the time to whip up some exceptionally stunning dresses.

The collections of clothes were intermixed with the dance acts each with their own storyline that read easily and amusingly. The talent of the dancers and choreographers was above and beyond any expectations I arrived with.

Further collections included Puckoo Couture, Beulah, Fifty Fifty, 71 Queens, Birdcage, Jervoise Jackets, Derek Lawlor, Angels, Beautiful Bottoms, Helen Butcher, Tiffany Baron, Serge deNimes, Fox + Feather and Topshop & Topman.

It was a joy to be able to sit back and let myself be all encompassed in what proved itself to be a truly spectacular show worthy of industry professionals showing no sign of it being crafted by students only. A few weeks prior to the show I interviewed good friend and one of the three Managing Directors, Yasmin, to get an insight into what it takes to put on a show of this magnitude. Read the interview by clicking here.

On Saturday night I returned to the venue, this time armed with my camera. To follow are a mixture of fashion, dance and behind the scenes photographs from my standing point. Without the music, atmosphere or movement and with only my amateur photography ability I doubt it will translate the wonder of Fuze2013. Nevertheless it will give you some insight into a show that everyone involved should be truly proud of.




Behind the Scenes

Me and my girl Amelia got the memo from HanJanRan that we need to wear NEON.
 What I wore on Saturday night. Kurt Geiger boots, Zara faux leather shorts, what was once a Topshop dress but now lives on as a top, Zara jacket, Michael Kors watch, H&M earrings. 

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