HanJanRan's Paris Style Day 1


Up at 4am to get ready to fly to Paris and have the first day of what would be a glorious trip - with a lot of walking! I wanted to be comfortable to move about, warm but never too slouchy. This, more so than ever, seemed the perfect time to try out the sport-chic look that's so prominent at the moment. These tailored Reiss trousers keep it on the right side of athletic but without tracksuit bottoms insight! The blue stripe down the side reminds me of go faster stripes (appropriate) but also indulges in the panelling trend that is credited to be very flattering. The sweatshirt is from Lethal Bizzle's line - which obviously makes me feel really way cooler than I am. The shoes despite having a small heel lasted me through from 5am when I blindly slipped them on to 4pm when we finally lay down amidst unpacking in our hotel room. I am still unsure how I feel about them (I bought them a good 4 years ago), but they worked really well for this look I think. And I am especially grateful that they didn't rub or hurt in anyway. Remember - we don't want the holiday hobble! Rucksacks are a really youthful and fun way of carting your junk around. I found this leather one with tie-dye effect in the sale corner of Urban Outfitters a year ago. I love it so much for being 100% leather because it can withstand the weight of iPads, Vogues, make up and my big camera with no worries of it giving way. It also makes it less teenage skate boarder and more in keeping with my style. I kept warm with the fabulous long blue coat I've mentioned a fair few times but probably never shown on here. It is an A line coat by Patrizia Pepe that fitted beautifully over my sweater and kept the bitter cold wind from chilling me straight through. Upon arrival we dropped our stuff off at the hotel before our room was ready leaving our bags behind. I swapped my heavy rucksack for this softer leather pouch I picked up specifically from American Apparel last week. The extreme simplicity of it works with the nonchalance of the look and its handless shape makes it easy to wedge under your arm and carry on freely perusing the streets of Paris - which I did. 

Trousers – Reiss
Jumper – Selfridges
Coat – Patrizia Pepe
Rucksack – Urban Outfitters
Bag – American Apparel
Sunglasses - Chanel

Pictures from the top:
Walking about at the Louvre
Walking by an adorned metro entrance
Walking about at the Louvre again
Laughing on a Ferris Wheel
Mimicking a statue
On a Ferris Wheel again
Posing with graffiti by the hotel
Airport outfit from behind and front on

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