HanJanRan's Paris Style Day 2

On the second day we asked the receptionist at our hotel which area the most art galleries were at. It's one of my favourite past times to slowly get lost in art. After croissants and coffee we got the metro to the Eiffel Tower and ate yet more pastries beneath the bold scaffolding like architecture. The queues surrounding were enormous and a con artist tried to convince Spencer to give him cash. It is of course magical and an absolute must to visit, however no true Parisian will go there or indulge the notion that it defines Paris. It is said that you will never truly get to know a city until you get lost in it. And that we did, without realising. We walked the streets surrounding the area recommended by the hotel receptionist, stopping for yet more food and more coffee. 
I stumbled across one of the best vintage shops I've ever been to by total chance. The pricing scheme was determined by weight. Most items were either tagged red or green. Rouge = €30, Vert = €20. I tried on 5 or so fur coats and a tartan mini skirt, black leather mini skirt and white leather skater skirt. I desperately loved all three skirts but settled on just the white one as it was the most unique. It was closing into 6 o'clock when we decided we should probably head home to get ready for our evening of wine tasting and had admitted defeat regarding the hunt for art galleries. As we ventured towards the hotel I saw an Isabel Marant store which of course I had to check out. Along the same street was twenty or so tiny independent modern art galleries. Et voila! This is exactly what I had hoped to find! Unfortunately we were rushing back to change for dinner. However when we realised that they wouldn't be open on Dimanche we decided to seize the moment and enjoy them then and there. This was one of the highlights of my trip. I thoroughly enjoyed zipping in and out listening to the gallery directors' unique anecdotes and personal stories. And we still made it on time to the wine tasting meal. 
Despite not expecting to spend my day pacing pavements or shopping (oh I also went to Sephora - a necessity whenever you leave the UK!) I knew I needed to be comfortable (hopefully) without compromising chic-ness (I was in Paris after all!). The weather was drizzly and pretty cold so I focused on layering and just a pop of colour to break up my predominantly black look. The first gallery Spencer and I entered, the owner complemented the colour of my skirt. I told him I felt self conscious because lots of people had been staring at me throughout the day. He proclaimed in his fiercely strong French accent "NO! It is so good and nice for us to see this colour because the women of Paris only wear dark colours and black! We need the colour to brighten our day in this weather!" - Too right.

Shirt - Reiss
Jumper - H&M
Skirt - [gift]
Jacket - Jofama
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - Creepers
Gloves - Next
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - Chanel
Sunglasses - Chanel
Phone Case - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Scarf - [borrowed from Spencer] Hugo Boss

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