HanJanRan's Paris Style Day 3

We slowly rose on day 3 somewhat worse for wear. As snow fell outside it felt like we were the only two people in the city of Paris. Today was shopping day and yet everywhere was closed. Even some restaurants were closed. Very quickly I admitted my map reading skills weren't up to par and resided in a sweet authentic little French restaurant where we built up our strength with some delicious food and charming service. After which we jumped into a taxi requesting Champs Élysées. Et voila! People! If you're not familiar with this enormous shopping destination I can only best describe it as similar to Oxford Street, London. The stores are mega and the whole of Paris certainly congregates here on a Sunday as literally nothing else is open.

We began in an enormous Adidas that sold really cool fashion sportswear. Spencer found his childhood style guru. I found some Nicki Minaj worthy high tops. You'll be pleased to know no purchases were made. After which we just walked slowly entering shops that took our fancy. Bel Air and Soixante Six were two stand out stores worth visiting if you're lucky enough to be in Paris. They're stock was truly divine! Spencer bought a fabulous coat that he is already thoroughly enjoying. The Zara stores are so much sleeker and more luxuriously laid out. Don't ask me why I bought things from Zara when we have so many back at home; I clearly have very little will power. The last shop worth mentioning is the Louis Vuitton store on this road. Its simply enormous. The presentation is art worthy. And obviously the clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery is worth an ogle.

From experience the day before, warmth was an important factor when dressing today. I wore a thermal Uniqlo long sleeved top layered beneath my trusty Zara menswear polo neck layered beneath this fabulous print dress from Monsoon. Tights, Leather jacket and a fur headband in tow I kept reasonably warm, just. This dress is so easy to throw on but the interesting monochromatic print makes me feel well dressed and is perfect for indulging two trends of the moment. I have previously written about the joys of layering polo necks and here is an example of how to embrace this sartorial tip. Adding the costume jewellery pearls and Chanel bag felt like a fun juxtaposition to the heavy leather jacket and chunky creepers. It also adds some individuality to the look. Having so many layers wasn't entirely practical in and out of fitting rooms but all the same I felt it was appropriate to wear to a plethora of different calibre shops. 

Spencer's style icon

Soixante Six, Champs Elysees
Home is where the heart is... With Cartier

Stairway to heaven in Louis Vuitton

Dude, this coat is 21,000. Can I?

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