HanJanRan's Paris Style Evening 2

Wine Tasting

If you have been keeping up to date with my Parisian Style Diary you'll know that the turn around to be ready for this meal had to be super fast because I allowed myself to get lost in teeny tiny art galleries. I am not sure my feet were entirely grateful to choose a long boozy evening after an extremely long day of pavement pacing to break in new high heels. The irresistibleness of matching my lace dress with lace boots was too much! Ordinarily I would never be so twee but I found that actually clashing my lacy pieces made more of a statement than attempting to wear shoes that "go". And it all worked wonderfully well with my sickly sweet Paris-dahrling look. Amazingly though we weren't late for our dinner at Le Chateau. Spencer had booked for us a three course meal with wine tasting along side it. We entered this glorious room just the size of our enormous wooden dining table, surrounded by wine. The connoisseur was a lovely and tiny Parisian man who explained each of the four wines we enjoyed with the seriously good food. Full to the brim and now emptying the bottles we headed two doors down to "The Beef Club". Part restaurant  part club we reclined with cocktails occasionally indulging in some dancing with fellow London wine tasters. Upon meeting our cocktail limit we admitted defeat and attempted the journey home. Hailing a taxi at night (even a Saturday night) is near impossible in Paris, you have to book. And so we walked. We walked past a group of youths desperately holding on to the dregs of their evening. One camp fellow told me he loved my shoes! So it seemed appropriate to do some sort of impromptu pavement-come-catwalk. One of the ring leaders of this Parisian side street fashion show was wearing a Chanel sweatshirt so as I walked a way I thrust my handbag in the air and yelped "J'adore tu Chanel!" It seemed an appropriate way to end an evening wearing a lace dress and Chanel inspired jacket when in Paris. 

At The Beef Club
Fashion Show en route
Dress - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Jacket - Zara
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - Chanel

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