London Fashion Week 2013 Roundup Part 1

Short and sweet the not quite full week of British eccentricity has been in full swing since Friday. Moving swiftly to Milan next, there is just enough time to deliver a few concise reviews. Here are six very important and extremely contrasting collections. There are another 14 I would like to review for you, I suspect this will be somewhat optimistic but you will definitely get at least another post or two reviewing the finest of British ready-to-wear collections.


The repetitious print used in this collection of an enlarged check was epic and fantastic. The oversized knits and bulbous shaped dresses were its perfect canvas. There was a moodiness unaccustomed to a Mulberry collection, at least to begin with. Dramatic oversized shoulders, sleeves and silhouettes especially when cut in leather made for bad-ass cool. And then suddenly the more girly sweet nature of Mulberry that we expect broke free and took over once more. The oversized shoulder has been seen elsewhere in other collections and is a definite must have trend, even now, so get those rounded jumpers and dresses in your wardrobe ASAP!

House of Holland

“Rave Nana” was the inspiration. Is this to imply Granny is bored of sitting in and fancies a night on the tiles? Or perhaps a true party animal finds herself at Nana’s with nothing to wear so has to borrow something from their Granny? Well interpret as you wish but either way this collection has nostalgia for a more house music orientated time. One that will ring true with the predominantly younger fan base House of Holland maintains, rather than other design houses older clientèle  There is something a little naughty, cheeky and irresistible about this collection which I think is sparked from not only the wonderful use of colour but actually in the way the pieces are put together. The styling is refreshing and original and worth taking note of.


Unashamedly 70's, however these are the most luxurious hippie types you’ll ever see. It seems this collection is for the usual Issa girl (very glamorous and chic) to go away for a weekend of recuperation. The colours were mainly brown, tan, blue, green and s shocking splash of mustard that I must confess is one condiment I will continue to avoid sartorially speaking. However I adored the use of layering polo necks (Remember my post all about them!? If not click here) underneath gorgeous dresses to make them more versatile and day time appropriate. This I will most certainly continue to indulge. When removed from their poncho, fedora enhanced position on the catwalk the dresses are actually not dissimilar to what we have come to expect from Issa just hidden amongst a momentary rebellion on a trek to a desert somewhere far away. P.S. definitely keep last year’s fedora at the ready.

Julien MacDonald

His inspiration was Las Vegas and the whole night-time-only way of life that city inspires. Therefore there is almost nothing one can wear in the day. The collection is outrageous and over the top much like the designer! This is not to imply that the dresses weren’t truly wonderful. Every single piece had immense detailing that really was show-stopping. The models had dirty hair and smudged makeup as though they’d been partying all night but rather fabulous frocks on. Surprisingly (I'm not always a fan) I completely and utterly love this collection.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

This collection is utterly exquisite! I would happily wear every piece. There was a split personality to the looks which created added intrigue. The entire collection remained almost totally to the confines of just red, white and black. (What’s red, white and black all over? A sunburnt penguin. A Preen goddess.) However some had a vampire-esque moodinees while their opposite had flowers, more femininity and a gentler side all the while remaining fiercely modern and totally Preen. Every piece was detailed with great skill but never came across overly fussy. The split skirts with a hint of pencil skirt beneath were wonderful as was the fresh interpretation of biker jackets. Other than the pieces themselves I particularly loved the styling here too as it felt current, purposeful and no-nonsense cool.

Sass and Bide

Excellent demonstration of how to keep pops of bright colours chic but also how absolutely necessary they are for monochromatic outfits. The collection focused on black, white, metallic and yellow. There was a precision with print and cuts that was to be thematic of the collection. Sass and Bide were quoted saying their focus was on man-made objects and that was apparent with well-structured and intricately configured necklaces, bodices and meticulous prints. The looks are easily wearable now and actually feel very relevant. There were some oversized jackets and wide shouldered silhouettes that reminded me of Balmain. The trend of sheer panelling was present here too. Stand out pieces included a geometric mini dress and zigzag jumper and trousers. 

I hope this keeps your thirst quenched for the moment regarding London Fashion Week. Keep your eye out for further reviews by following me on twitter @hanjanran or liking the facebook page by clicking here.

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