New York Fashion Week 2013 Round up Part 2

If you follow me on twitter @hanjanran (if you don't click here) you may have seen my promise for style posts from Paris but also for more summaries of what's been going on in New York this past week. Well as show after show sparked a new set of winter trends and street style snappers were in full swing it can seem hard to keep up. So I have done the hard work for you. Here are concise overviews of five shows. 

Diane von Furstenberg 

Who would expect anything less than a collection with seventies pizazz and a couple of wrap dresses thrown in for good measure? Well dear DVF fans you should not be disappointed, but, indeed, delighted. A wrap dress in brown suede simultaneously made it more modern but with a nostalgic feel. Leopard prints, golds, browns and leather and fur made for a somewhat safari inspired collection. It is refreshing to use this inspiration for a winter collection rather than the obvious summer. An exciting print emerged in tuxedo separates as well as matching suits and dresses and blouses too. These pieces were immediate favourites for me. Styling wise there was great use of layering and the willowy sleeves, seventies prints and hot pink and bright red colours made for collection with full range.

Donna Karen
Here there was much more drama! However for a more sophisticated and experienced woman. One that knows what works for her and doesn’t find classic pieces boring. Well to be fair there was nothing boring about this collection with splashes of fur, leather, satin and sheer panelling. There was old school glamour and I’m not talking about the subtle 70s vibe but more that each piece was an investment you could trust would carry you through further decades. It wasn’t overtly focused on creating any one “trend” but more emulating a level of classy style that only the big guns like Donna Karan truly get right. I could imagine a Bond girl in any number of these looks. The girls were fiercely sexy with the right amount of attitude and little flesh on show. I also happened to think she herself looked particularly beautiful.

The Row 

A more concise collection than is offered by other design houses which is often the case with the Olsens. However the styled layering meant that you were not left wanting for pieces to ogle. The outerwear deserves particular commendation as each coat, jacket and wrap shone and sparked worldwide lust instantly (I confidently presume). As always the magic of The Row is in detail; the extra mile they go concerning the cut and the high quality fabrics of which they mostly produced themselves this season. Clean full impact lines saturated the collection which is in keeping with what we have come to expect from the mini design duo. However there were options for the most glamorous gazelles and practical Polly alike. My case in point is that underneath each ensemble the models wore ribbed onesies ready to keep clients in cooler climates warm and snuggly in their head-to-toe The Row looks this coming winter.  All in all the looks presented at the show were spectacular. 

Theyskens' Theory
 Really incredibly wearable clothes and the pieces are totally relevant to the youth of today. Criticism would be that it is somewhat repetitive. There were lots of flared skirts, really loose fitting shorts and long wide boots. The models’ off duty uniform of Alexander Wang will undoubtedly expand to these looks now, but also true fashion lovers that love to simultaneously play with androgyny and femininity, for example here with oversized blazers and skater skirts, will be drooling too. Exceptional pieces included the look in blue reptile print and leather and the ultimate look of a thick ribbed white dress.  He said his focus was comfort and apart from chilly thighs every look appeared indeed very comfortable. The heeled knee high boots were in so many looks they’re obviously significant to Theysken probably because he knows it’s a sure bet that they’ll be sought after. To summarise there were consistently wearable looks that lacked any boundary breaking moments and, in fact, lacked a bit of NYFW excitement. But then do the wacky psychedelic looks of other designers sell as well as these undoubtedly will? 

Zac Posen

He managed to momentarily divert from red carpet worthy gowns but only for a second. Zac Posen’s take on wearable everyday fashion is disappointingly similar to last winter’s trends. There was an abundance of berry hues and excessive use of the heritage look. Pops of coloured satin pieces broke up the monotony. Nonetheless where Posen knows he shines, he did. There were some well-structured elegant gowns that were interesting with their serenity and simplicity.

Previously I have moaned about how early the fashion industry is when we are bombarded of winter looks in spring for example. However the optimist in me has noticed a silver lining here. The temperatures in UK are so low for so long that although we are supposed to be preparing for spring we can indulge in next winter's looks now! I've already been wearing boots and skirt combos a la Theyskens' Theory and Victoria, Victoria Beckham. See which trends you can indulge in early. 
There will be more reports of the shows coming across the next three weeks so keep up to date by liking HanJanRan on Facebook and get in touch. Which were your favourite collections? Are there any that disappointed you? Follow me on twitter and instagram too @hanjanran 

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