Obsession of the Moment: Polo Necks

The title of this post might sound very dull to you... I mean, polo necks? They're not exactly up and coming. However they are extremely versatile and really great for layering up different looks. Worn alone they look great tucked into a highwaisted skirt for a winter friendly but feminine look. Or try adding one under what you already wear for extra warmth and just to mix it up a bit. I love anything androgynous so particularly enjoy wearing mine under a buttoned up shirt. See it above with a denim shirt from Zara and a classic white shirt from Uniqlo. Why not double up your jumpers for cosy but chic ensembles as I have done with an of the moment bright splash of colour? This open round neck is perfect for popping my polo neck through. The grey polo neck I have worn throughout is actually from Zara Menswear. I regularly buy simple pieces like this from Men's departments in the smallest size to stock up on basics. I've noticed that simple V-neck jumpers that may be almost identical will be dearer in the Womenswear department than in the Men's. Plus it is a sure way to get the androgynous look I love!

I am off to Paris this weekend and will be layering up my beloved polo necks, so be sure to check out my Parisian outfit posts to see how I style these much loved jumpers. 

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