Obsession of the Moment: Willow bag by Mulberry

I do love Mulberry because it is so very fabulously British. I do also, however, hold reservations about their bags. They're divine, don't get me wrong, but going to my English girls' boarding school and seemingly to a fairly affluent university I feel as though I'm constantly surrounded by Mulberry bags. One can understand why, of course, they're excellent craftsmanship, classic look, immediate cool factor. It's just that I have this deep distaste for looking the same as everyone else which there in lies the problem. Although there's more opportunity to mix it up these days. I've not seen very many Del Rey bag's floating about so there is a great piece to still feel like an individual with. And now Emma Hill has gifted us the single best Mulberry bag ever! (tied with the Alexa. After the Alexa.) It's still totally Mulberry but just so new and so bloody clever! 

We all do it, there's no point denying it, and you still can throw in unnecessary extras in this tote because there is plenty of room. However when the sun goes down (or perhaps your back is giving in) simply unzip the envelope clutch off the front, et voila! A fabulous wee grab and go bag you can gallop off into the sunset with. 

Kate Moss can't get enough of hers (clearly her and I have similar taste). The pastel colours and white Willow bags looked heaven sent on the catwalks. They are also heavily featured in the latest campaign from the design house. Whichever colour and finish tickles your fancy there's no denying these are worth lusting over!

Emma Hill with Mulberry girls/muses - Alexa, Kate, Lana 

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