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I always encourage and appreciate any feedback about the content on my blog and over the weekend a friend revealed she’d like more posts that gave real advice about what to wear – perhaps more practical styling tips. A truly valid point I have decided to address this styling insufficiency immediately. I had done more posts like this in the past but admittedly have been side tracked with fashion weeks and the like. So here are some particularly easy styling tips to get the ball rolling with these types of posts. The idea is they won’t require spending loads on entirely new outfits but show you ways in which to update your look.

    1. Even if you haven’t yet tried it, you can’t avoid it – Monochrome is absolutely everywhere. There are many different ways to interpret this trend be it chequered, striped, androgynous or sleek. Whichever way you choose, brighten this colourless look with a small splash of neon. Neon is a whole trend of its own and come summer you’ll probably need sunglasses to enter the shops but for now use sparingly for a truly modern feel. See how Brit turned LA-girl Louise Roe has made her monochrome ensemble so fresh and so current with bright yellow accessories.

    2. Dressing head-to-toe in one colour is pretty cool at the moment. However proportions, silhouette and textures must be carefully considered. An easier way to get a similar look is to stick to the same colour palette. It will also give a less severe look and is easier to do with clothes you probably already have. Burberry model Rosie Huntington-Whitely and movie star Jessica Alba show how to achieve this style with flattering and neutral colours.

 .    3. Among my friends I’m known for “dressing up” even for mundane chores however there are a plethora of sportswear inspired looks that have had a splash of fashion and now I can’t resist! Recently I’ve treated myself to three fabulous sweaters that emulate a sports-lux look. Worn with jeans and heels or even tailored trousers they are a fun and youthful way to keep warm and achieve the model-off-duty feel I love.

     4. I’ve always loved white in winter. It is probably a lot colder here in the UK than it is wherever Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough are, but they have shown us two fabulously chic ways to wear all-white formally and casually. Strong clean lines and great cuts make for a powerful look a la Jessica Alba. Alternatively wear loose tops, skinny jeans and wedged high tops for an easier way to where all white. Either way complete the look by avoiding the angelic connotations of all white with black shades/shoes, a bold lipstick or a coloured bag.

    5. Tartan never feels as relevant as it does when we have these almighty low temperatures akin to those felt in Scotland. Fashion icons Kate Bosworth and Olivia Palermo know the cool factor that comes with tartan and you don’t have to have their wardrobes to achieve it too. Be it a shirt, dress or skirt we probably all have something tartan. If not get down to Topshop or American Apparel and wear immediately to be a true British beaut!

This March utilise these five easy pointers to make your look relevant and fashion forward. When you next wear tartan, all white or any of the other tips take a photo and tweet me @hanjanran #hanjanranstyletips …Check out my interpretation of these trends on instagram and twitter @hanjanran.

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