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Whether you go away for a long weekend or a 2 week holiday there are certain staples you have to take. To be organised and concise with your packing will make for a calmer trip. I try on all my outfits before they go in the suitcase and that way I don't end up with 18 pairs of trousers but only 3 tops. It also helps in terms of accessories because having already decided what earrings you'll wear with a look means you won't be disappointed when you realise on the night that they would've worked so well. As I pack for Paris this evening I decided to post a few photos of what I deem essential bits and bobs. Essentially this is my Travel Kit. 

Red: Travel pill box, Compact mirror, Statement necklace, Book "The Secret"

Blue: American Apparel grab and go leather pouch, Statement necklace, Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume

Black: Purse, Sunglasses case, "Rouge" lipstick, Sunglasses (All Chanel)

Pink: Eye mask, Passport in Passport case by Links, Valentino jewellery pouch, Canon camera.

I think it's really lovely to have your passport in a pretty case like this patent purple one I got from Links. However beware that some airports are funny about cases and will ask you to remove it. Make sure you not only charge your camera before but you take your charger with you and the appropriate adapter. It would be nothing short of devastating if you ran out of battery mid trip! A few statement pieces of jewellery should see you through a short trip like the one I'm about to take. A book, sunglasses and perfume are absolute must haves. The Balenciaga bottle I'm taking is small enough I can keep it in my hand luggage which means when the plane lands I can arrive feeling and smelling fresh. 

Finally one more crucial tip for packing well. Take shoes that are already broken in. Don't buy ones just for the holiday that need some wear first because you want to feel fabulous and free while enjoying yourself abroad not worrying about where you can get your hands on blister plasters and trying to translate foreign labels.

To keep up to date with what I get up to in Paris this weekend be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram @hanjanran or click the links on the top right of the page. Au revoir mon amis!

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