What the Fashion Show Attendees wore

There have been a plethora of fabulous shows from New York to London, Milan and Paris. I have my favourite moments, which I will share with you in due course (I don’t want to bombard you with only fashion week posts all at once). Before I get to the big dogs of Paris… Balmain, Balenciaga… Chanel…

It has to be said that the gorgeous girlies going to the shows were looking especially divine in the French capital. So, as your faithful fashion obsessed blogger, I am going to show you my top three front row dressers for indulging in some really wonderful trends. The shows themselves are jaw dropping, innovative and have sparked new trends across the globe. However they, in all their magnificent glory, can seem somewhat distant from the clothes we put on our backs in the morning. It can be more insightful to see real people (do Hollywood stars count as real?) and how they’re interpreting the latest looks. 

 I have done a full style profile on this lovely lady but when I wrote that last piece on Leigh Lezark she had raven black hair. Blonde, I still have to think to recognise her, she really looks so different! A great example of how changing up your hair can rejuvenate your look and hey, why not? It’s just hair – have fun with yours.

Throughout Paris fashion week Leigh Lezark has shown us monochrome, prints, suits, twee colour blocking and texture. Phwoah! It must be exhausting being that on trend. With a bold matching suit and a more revealing cut-out dress Leigh Lezark shows how wearable the somewhat ostentatious print trend actually is. The suit is not for the faint hearted but with great tailoring it makes for show stopping sophistication. For a less daunting way of indulging in the look go for a piece that uses less material like this gorgeous cut away dress. Embrace monochrome with an overall minimalistic look for added sleekness. Keep a twee pink look away from sickly sweet territory with modern accessories. However you wear it, buy a bomber now, and for extra fashion points team with an of the moment sweatshirt. Finally be the best dressed fashionista of the night by playing with proportions and texture as Lezark has done here with this red Giambattista Valli dress that is truly worthy of a fashion superstar. 

 I considered doing an entire piece on this reality star turned designer because Nicole Richie has been smashing the ball out of the park in the fashion stakes. I may still take the time to do a post on her because there are so many more great looks she has achieved lately. For now let’s check out her show-side smashers! Monochrome, monochrome, monochrome… and some Balenciaga worthy ruffles; Nicole has shown how perfectly to achieve this potentially overbearing trend by incorporating it with her outerwear not once but twice. A different interpretation of the ruffles is this tiered red dress she wore to Valentino. With a voluminous piece like this Nicole was right to show a bit of skin with a strapless neckline to balance it out.

Finally our red haired actress Jessica Chastain did demure particularly excellently. Pictured with Karl Lagerfield there’s no doubt she had a great time embracing fashion week and as always looked stunningly well turned out at every step. So it seems Nicole and Jessica got the same tip off about striking red ensembles or more simple black and white. This isn’t Fashion Police so we shan’t do Who Wore It Better, because they both look divine! Instead… take note! 

…There were many other epic looks and here are a few I just couldn’t resist including!


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