Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M video released

H&M cleverly chose global superstar Beyoncé as a brand ambassador. Having done the Super bowl and now in the midst of her tour (as well as on the cover of British Vogue) she's the perfect of-the-moment women's woman to star in a clothing line. This video begins with a credit saying "Beyoncé as Mrs Carter". Conveniently this is the name of her tour (which I am going to on Friday next week). However does this imply that, as she has previously created the character Sasha Fierce, she is now playing the role... of a wife? Just a wife? Nothing else? It is a bit of a mixed message when it comes from the "independent woman" that constantly pushes us females to "do it for ourselves". I'm sure it is only a harmless indication that she, as a woman, is in the next stage of her life, a new chapter so to speak. But to suggest that this next chapter is her stepping into a person that only holds the identity of association to her husband does not sit well with me.

Moving on to the video: Ah, these marketing gurus are smart, aren't they? I mean using a new single of Bey's in a much anticipated ad campaign - genius. It's always a delight to watch the singer dance authoritatively however the decision to film said video on a beach and with a beach theme means that actually there is very little clothing featured; an abundance of bikinis, for sure, but only a couple of dresses and the odd skirt. Nevertheless, those sartorial pieces that did make the cut include lively, mouth-watering, summery prints and some seasonally appropriate beaded decoration. Not sure whether or not the feather head piece will be in store, I fear it might be difficult to carry home on the tube. For those of you eager to find out the collection will launch in store on May 2nd. I would also like to add that I much prefer Mrs Carter with her natural dark brown hair. What do you think? Do you like the video? The song? ...The clothes?

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