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Admittedly I have been somewhat absentia lately. It was that time of year again, coursework time. We’ve moved into exam territory and blogging is a fab break from academic jargon. Actually my real reason for returning to HanJanRan is that I am attending some exciting events towards the end of the week that I need to flag up to y’all!

First of all… let us catch up. What’s going on right now?

Queen Bey is everywhere.

Have you seen her self-umentary? No? Watch it, now. She’s awesome as you already know but you’ll learn what real hard work and determination goes into being so extraordinary. Our woman of the moment is so relevant right now she’s on the cover of British Vogue. There is a certain greatness that comes from few stars each generation elevating them from short-term celebrities to real icons. This particular lady happens to be not just an icon, but [more importantly] a style icon too! The nonchalance behind her sartorial choices oozes cool and she puts the fun back into fashion that can so easily be lost when too contrived. I wonder if this comes from being at ease in one’s skin. After all there is nothing sexier than confidence. I am lucky enough to be seeing Beyoncé twice this summer. I will stand in awe once at her own concert and secondly at Chime for Change (a concert to raise awareness about global equality for women). I will duly report on both events and the fashion surrounding them.

The sun remembered where the UK is.

Admittedly it isn’t exactly scorching and it did rain again this afternoon but yesterday was positively delightful in terms of sunshine. This is a warming reminder that holiday season is fast approaching and we need to make some serious sartorial choices ready for summer. Summer shopping can be difficult because it’s easy to get over excited. There are chic ways to stay cool without baring all which I will discuss on the blog in weeks to come. For now I recommend that you spring clean your wardrobe. Work out what is tatty, doesn’t fit or simply just will not work with your personal style a la 2013. Throw it out. Make room for your summer shopping. Secondly start collecting some images of looks you want to emulate when the warmer months do arrive. Those darned celebrities are either swapping the cold for Coachella or keeping warm in the Caribbean so as they rack up their air-miles I suggest you take advantage. See what everyone else is trying and learn from their mistakes but also see what you can rework from pieces you already own. Once you’ve done these two steps it will be clear what your wardrobe is missing to accomplish the looks you’re certain you want to work come the much anticipated sunshine.

Short Hair – Why do you care? 

Since the days when my style inspirations were not from Disney films any longer I stopped understanding why long hair was the only length considered pretty. My mum is always admiring elfin crops, sharp bobs, anything a little more exciting than the standard long tresses that almost every teenage girl opts for. With this in mind one day I cut my honey highlighted long hair off into a peroxide bob. Don’t get me wrong I love long hair too (trust me, I’ve worn my fair share of extensions) I just don’t understand this aversion to short hair. I avidly pray it isn’t about appearing like an actual fairytale princess for your prince charming because let me tell you it takes more than a particular hair length to be beautiful.  Head turning beauty derives from a plethora of more complex qualities than simply having long hair. I digress. I love long, short and medium hair but the reason for this paragraph is apparently there has been uproar from Victoria Secret fans (/obsessives) that Karlie Kloss’s haircut isn’t sexy enough. Pardon? Have you seen the girl? Charlize Theron is, if possible, more radiant, more alluring with her crop. And guys and girls, Jennifer Lawrence has cut her hair into an incredibly similar cut to The Kloss. Enough said.

Goop or Gloop?

And finally Gwyneth Paltrow has been doing the rounds promoting her latest cook book. Over the last few years I’ve really loved her elegant but surprising fashion choices so I enjoy checking out what she wears to these events. Unfortunately she does get a bit of a hard time of it because she’s so healthy and so fit. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong to cut out alcohol and coffee from your diet (wrong, wrong wrong) the release of “It’s All Good”, this year’s cookbook from Gwynnie, is a prompt reminder for us to take care of ourselves and be healthy. Especially as I've already mentioned... summer is fast approaching, I mean really fast! It is eight weeks tomorrow until I will be in a bikini! Graham, I don’t care what you say, pass me that quinoa!

That just about brings us up to speed which means I can focus on the events I am attending this week. On Friday I will be watching High-street Fashion Week 2013’s fashion show in Mayfair. Then over the weekend I will be revising for my exams on Monday and Tuesday heading to Southbank for Vogue Festival 2013. Don’t think I could possibly be more excited if I tried. To keep up to date with what I’m wearing and all the inside gossip I highly recommend following me on twitter and instagram (both @hanjanran) and then keeping an eye on the blog during the following days as I will have so much to report on.


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