The VOGUE Festival 2013 in association with Vertu: An insider's review

The VOGUE Cover Wall

Me on Saturday wearing Reiss shirt, top and skirt, Jofama leather jacket, Office cut-out shoes and Chanel bag

Me on Sunday wearing Reiss trousers, vintage jumper, Zara jacket and Chanel bag

Upon entering the foyer within The Southbank Centre I was met with the realisation that not only was I under the same roof as some seriously inspiring people but this was the best spot in London for people watching – and that’s saying something in a city as eclectic as our great capital!

So what went on? There were talks, obviously, that is why we were all there. There was also a CafĂ©, a VOGUE Shop, the opportunity to wear Chanel and star in your own VOGUE Cover, a braid bar, a beauty bar, a mentoring station, an information desk and a phone charging dock station.  On reflection I would say ‘quite a lot’ is the answer to that question.

The shop sold things like VOGUE coffee flasks (a lucky friend received this for her birthday) to Mario Testino books (which some even luckier fans got signed) to the latest issue of the magazine. I, obviously a sucker for a bit of VOGUE merchandising, bought a sweatshirt that was collaboration between VOGUE and Gap.

Armed with a coffee I met a friend who had been to the first talk of the day already and she briefed me of what to expect. The queues for the braid bar and Dior makeup were enormous – literally all weekend – but I did, on Sunday, manage to pose for a mock up cover of the magazine. Not only was this ridiculously satisfying (I promise I’m not totally vacuous) but I got to wear a Chanel jacket and pose with the infamous hula hoop bag! I have since considered whether it was the opportunity to wear Chanel or listening to Natalie Massenet that more encouraged me to want to succeed.

Speaking of Natalie, the woman who started and runs, she was the first talk I attended during the weekend. Not that one likes to have favourites, but Natalie was my favourite. Read my next post for an in depth account of what she had to say. I later listened to Alexa Chung interview Paul Smith, bloggers Susie Lau and Garance Dore with Anna Dello Russo and on Sunday Victoria Beckham. Each so riveting I am not going to do them the disservice of summarising them briefly but will honour their words with full posts each.

There were clearly bloggers galore. I was stopped to have my photo taken at least 7 or 8 times. Obviously great fun and very flattering, although I’m not sure how I felt about one chap who despite liking my style enough to want to photograph it then started styling me himself – “can you put your coffee down? Wait – can you do your bag up?” Alright, alright! Anyway I have included what I wore each day in this post so you too can check out what I wore. Keep reading my next few posts which will be on the talks I attended if you want more insight into The Vogue Festival.

I am so glad that I was organised enough to get tickets as soon as they were available. I had great seats for all four talks. Being only five rows back maximum in what were large lecture theatres was phenomenal. The atmosphere was constantly as vibrant as some of the outfits. Oh and the arm candy in that venue – my goodness. If anyone from Vogue so happens to read this, I really must say from the bottom of my Chanel handbag, thank you! All the CondĂ© Nast staff got their hands on deck from selling to organising to mentoring and they deserve a special mention. I even took a ‘Strategic Management’ three hour exam this morning and I’m still buzzing from my magnificent weekend. 

All images are my own and should be credited to HanJanRan if used.

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